Happy New Year

January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior
striding a shadowy steed of snow.
– Edgar Fawcett


I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone reading this blog. I know I don’t update enough but that’s just life, it happens.

In the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself to read more and spend less time in social media and I managed quite well, today I’ve read 90 books instead of the 80 I had planned to read. I’m quite happy about it and I’m planning to continue it on 2020. You can see my read books here.

Other thing I need to do on 2020 is to lose weight. I’m turning 50 at the end of September and I don’t want to weight this much then. At the end of May we’re probably celebrating Middlest son’s graduation and since all our relatives and friends will attend I need to do something pretty quickly and I know what it’ll be: low carbs for me since it works best for me.

I still have a week off work left and I’m thinking about having a Hobbit and LOTR marathon while knitting.  I’ve already finished Eldest son’s scarf and my cardi is coming along nicely.

Here are some pics; Sirius is planning her next attack on the Christmas tree (actually she’s been very good with the tree this year), the ice skating Santa I gave to my dad when I was about 7-y-o and now it’s been ice skating in our tree for several years, Middlest son baked a rye bread (I haven’t got the patience to make a root), and the last one is from Dec 27th when we had -5C degrees which was pretty nice. I didn’t mind the sun either, it’s been raining forever here.


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  1. Susanna,

    Happy New Year!! I am so glad and excited for your blog. It is down to earth and informative and visual and real..
    bravo to middle son for his culinary skills.
    Kudos to Sirius for her restraint this year attacking your tree.
    And big hug and congrats to you for your 90 books (I read maybe 7)
    I’m two years older than you so losing weight doesn’t get any easier but you can do it and it’s moderation I think. Reduce not deprive…
    Looking forward to 2020 with you!!

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  2. happy new year lovely lady! not long til Vanya now!
    wish i had the bran power to read that many books…sayng that i’ve read about 40 books this year which quite frankly is a record-HOWEVER-they are mostly historical romance! lmao

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  3. Happy New Year!! 🎉🥳

    I am too lazy to even write down how many books I read, but 2019 was quite good. But whatever works and makes us happy is great. Hopefully 2020 will be a good year for books, for fangirling and for everything else.

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