Lazy days

are over and it’s back to work again tomorrow. I did absolutely nothing of the things I was going to and had planned to do all fall and just enjoyed reading, knitting and watching tv and movies. I’m a lazy one. On the other hand I think I needed the quiet time after the hectic fall.

Eldest son comes home from Japan tomorrow evening. I hope he has had good time with his friends there. His new studies into games coding begins right away, in fact he misses one day since he didn’t know he’d apply for the school when they bought the trip. Luckily it’s all right for the school too but I don’t know if I see him before the weekend.

Middlest son has the Army medical tests on Friday and I suppose they’ll too take few hours at least. If he gets through them we’ll probably have a pilot in the family. When he applied into the Air forces they asked if he’d be willing to do a career for 13 years onwards and he said yes. It’s always been his dream to fly a plane.

I finished watching GoT finally, the last season was available now on the Finnish Broadcast company’s site. Since I really loved the novels it took me three tries to get into the tv-series and I’ve never considered them as good as the novels, so much is left out and the plot goes dramatically different (on purpose) after third season. Anyways I thought the ending was good and done in the Martin-way. Now I just need to wait for the last novels to come out (one may hope..).

2020-01-06 13.09.45 - Copy

Well I should go pack my work things and lunch ready for tomorrow. meh.



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  1. I also didn’t do any of the things I meant to do in break. First I got sick and then I had zero energy. But it’s like you said, we probably needed a real break. Reading, watching TV and being lazy. And let’s be realistic, Xmas is never completely stress free anyway.

    Fingers crossed for a smooth transition back to work tomorrow. I still need to pack my things as well. 😐


  2. Susanna lazy is not an adjective I would use to describe any activities or your life! You are always on the go and do more in 1 week then I accomplish in a month!!
    Eu that oldest went to Japan and congrats to middle for his first steps to becoming a pilot!
    Youngest is busy too and seems to have quite the cooking flair!!
    Sirius was most happy to have her mum to watch GOT and cuddles with.
    I got entranced in GOT once I started watching. Outlander is s bit similar with less characters to keep track of 😉👍
    Happy New Year again lovely
    Not too long now til the 24th!!

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