We are already first week in the May which means my summer holidays are nearer and nearer, just four weeks to go.

We Finns celebrated Vappu – the 1st of May eve – with a spring carneval but since it was pretty cold and we hadn’t planned any kind of party with our friends I was just happy to stay at home and watch tv. On Wednesday we actually slept until noon with hubby, that hasn’t happened in years.

On Friday I went to movies with youngest one and my friend to see Tolkien. It’s not a document so it’s bit different than how Carpenter tells Tolkien’s life in the biography.  The One Ring Net had quite a good article of the movie. Don’t forget to bring a hankie, even the very end makes one cry. Of course since the director is a Finn and a Tolkien-fan himself made the film even more touching.

We liked the movie a lot and youngest son asked what would have happened if Tolkien had died in the WWI. I said that probably the whole genre would have been born later and/or different than what it is today. Sometimes the 13-y-o makes me wonder with the questions he asks…

On Saturday we went to see Hairspray musical to middlest son’s highschool. he played the percussion and his girlfriend was one of the mean girls. Their highscool is famous for the musicals they do, last spring it was Grease and it was very good too. We got youngest son to come too, with a bit of meanness by my part (not proud) and with a little pushing by hubby. In the end he was happy to be there and middlest and his gf were happy to see him there too.

Yesterday evening I watched Brie Larson’s Unicorn store from Netflix, it was quite good too. I’ve also watched a Finnish tv-series about how the Finnish diplomats help save Chilean people during the 1973 coup. The Swedish ambassador is played by Michael Persbrandt (Beorn in the Hobbit).

Today hubby and I did a cemetery tour and went to see how his parent’s grave and my father’s have survived the winter. Our parents are on different graveyards and my mom has been buried to her family grave in Porvoo, a small city nearby, where she lived her childhood and then she moved back there when my dad died in 1994. Me and my siblings decided to give up my dad’s gravesite after this year since none of us has much time to take care of it so we didn’t plant anything there now. Maybe I’ll take some pansies there later. We didn’t drive to Porvoo today but instead as we went home middlest son asked if we’d go to garden shop and so now I have a new climbing rose and flowerbed has new plants and middlest one got cucumber and tomato.

I also baked a mudcake and hubby made a chocolate fudge covering for it, it was really good ❤

2019-05-05 14.31.36 - Copy
Cherry trees near my in-law’s grave at Honkanummi cemetery


Today we said goodbye to my father’s brother. We were not close but of course it makes me melancholy since now both my parents and all of their siblings have passed away as have my grand parents too.

2019-03-30 11.55.16-2

Four years ago around this time of spring we had my Father-In-Law’s funeral and the next year it was my Mom’s turn. Then it was our very old and dear kitty’s time. Last spring we didn’t have anyone to mourn.

One part of ageing is probably the point where you meet most of your relatives in funerals and yet I don’t feel middle-aged yet. I’m turning 50 next year so I’m still young imo, at least I’m young at heart.

My eldest brother lives in the Central Finland 500 km’s from the rest of us who stayed in the capital city or metropolitan area so it was nice to see him too. My sister couldn’t come as she had just traveled to Lapland for her spring leave with her friends.

This kind of became a bit more sad post for a first blog here but sometimes life is.


Here are my paternal grand mother Augusta with my auntie Liisa, little Sakari baby and my dad Olavi with his teddy and a gleam in his eyes, I think his character is very visible in this pic 🙂