I’m Nokisuu which means coal mouth but actually it comes from Finnish words for ’here, kitty’ added with one letter U.  But you can also call me Susanna.

I’m an assistant librarian and I have three sons and a hubby. Two of my sons still live at home and one has moved away and studies Physics in the Uni. We live in the Helsinki metropolitan area and like to travel. On my free time I like to read, bake, watch movies and tv-series. I like sewing and knitting, swimming and pilates. Oh, and blogging.

I’ve been blogging since 2004. I started at LiveJournal and I loved it. Then I moved to Blogger where I mostly blogged only in Finnish and so my LJ was left behind but now I’m beginning blogging in English again. I think it’ll be fun!

Welcome to read my blog!

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