Just a quick one

Since Guylty asked to see more of my art (art and me being a bit too much said on same sentence) I’ve taken some quick pics of couple of things I’ve done.

I used to paint porcelaine. It was a dear hobby for about 15 years but then I changed workplace and couldn’t attend to the classes anymore so it was left behind. I still occasionally paint something by request, i.e. a plate for my godson but it’s very rare.

These cats are one of the last things I did on my classes. They are copies of a Finnish graphich artist Frans Toikkanen’s cats he made with mezzotint print. I was glad I managed to paint them on porcelain with their spirit intact.

This is just a quick drawing I made for my journal last year, on September pages. Actually it was the first draw for an Art Deco themed ’In the forest’ but I didn’t like how it turned out so I made another one for the deco and kept this myself. I like it more now.

Well. Another Christmas holiday over and tomorrow it’s back to work. Middlest son left back to his garrison already, their flying lessons will begin in few weeks (I’m a bit worried.. mothers you know) so I’m trying to concentrate on other things.

I received a wonderful gift on my birthday in September, my three best friends bought me a writer’s course. Of course it has writing assignments which was to be expected but I’m about to stress myself out with them too. I should write a short text every day and then there are other writing assignments too.. Well, it’s only ten lessons and then I’ve the lessons available next six months so I’m trying not to beat myself too much with that.

Oh well. Let’s enjoy a kitty in snow!

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  1. Those kitties are gorgeous, Susanna! Really lovely. And I love the moose (or deer?) peeking out between the shrubs in the autumnal painting. Beautiful. I hope you continue painting and drawing! And writing – in your new writing course!

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  2. the porcelain painting is great, funnily i have some porcelain pens and am currently doing a project where I’ve done some test pieces -just need to do it on the piece of china i have i mind but am scared of fluffing it!
    that’s really cool on the writers course and a thoughtful present, i’m assuming it’s something you’ve had a go at before or have expressed and interest in?

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    1. I write occasionally, some fanfics and short stories and currently something longer. So they knew 😁

      I know nothing of the pens you mentioned, they sound intetesting. I prefer the old-fashioned way to mix oils and the paint powder.

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