A farewell

This morning I had a dream about one of our elder clients called Mrs M. She used to visit us sometimes several times per week and mostly due trouble with her phone or laptop. Then she stopped coming and I haven’t seen her for about two years now. Every now and then you think about how the people are when they come regularly and then not at all but that’s life.

In my dream I was on vacation with my family and suddenly my phone rang. For some reason I realized it was my work cell and I answered and it was Mrs. M. I was a bit short with her since I was annoyed that she dared to call me when I was on my holiday but she just said that she had tried to contact another person she knew from my earlier work place in the City library and then when she couldn’t get through she called me. She just said she wanted to say thank you for everything and then we said goodbye and hang up the call. And then my alarm went off and I woke up feeling calm.

I think it’s clear that she has passed away and came by to tell me. How very kind of her.

It’s been a while since I had premonitions, usually they leave a kind-of bad feeling but this was very serene feeling. I talked about it with a friend who said it sounds like a farewell. I feel grateful Mrs. M decided to tell me that she appreciated our relationship.

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  1. Susanna wow I think that you feel serene and calm in the midst of all this negative air of Covid 19 is great and that you touched Mrs M so much with your kindness and grace is testament how wonderful you are and that you are a We person not a Me person 😘❤️

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  2. What an interesting story – even if a little bit eerie. Have you been able to find out whether she has really passed away? In any case, it is nice when one’s work is appreciated by strangers. And I can see how working as a librarian might actually be a very social work that provides much needed social contact, especially to the older generation.

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    1. No, I haven’t seen her orbituary but if she passed away only yesterday it might take some days. I think we do a lit to help people feel connected in the public services 🙂


      1. They are. I loved my local library in Würzburg – airy, colourful, full of light, and it had a little café area inside where you could sit and read the magazines they had on display. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon – and basically free of charge (except for the cup of atrocious cappucino from the machine 😉).

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