Winter break

I took this week off since the kids are having their winter break and I’m sick with flu, my throat feels like someone used a cheese grater on it and I have temperature rising. So I haven’t done anything I was going to do and instead I’ve been reading fanfics, doing art decos and watching tv and knitting.  (I’m knitting the cardi’s first sleeve third time since the pattern instruction was weird to say the least and I had to finally just do it after my own head.)

Last week middlest son had the traditional high school ending celebrations known as penkkarit (”benching”). The name comes from earlier days, my dad told us that when he had his penkkarit, the younger students carried them out from school on the study tables.  Nowadays the students have a carnival-type lorry ride in the city centre (it was awesome! One of the best school days ever!) and they throw candy to onlookers. It’s so much fun for everyone!

I and hubby took a few hours off from work, had a lunch together and then walked to the Old church park where it’s easy to see the lorries and kids. These days kids dress up as different characters, there was i.e. Money heist, Moomins and others. On my days we had just warm overalls meant for ice-fishing in the wintertime 😛 The lorries are also covered with sheets indicating which school it’s from, the students have done the artwork themselves.

2020-02-13 13.30.38 - Copy
Middlest son is on the left side partly turned away, he has the pink Minecraft mask above his head. His best friend since kindergarten is taking pics and Julia was dressed as Little My with orange-red hair in the right side of the pic.
2020-02-14 09.57.10 - Copy
Leftover candy, middlest son forgot half of his candy to school.. guess who’s been eating them.
Kortti - Copy
Birthday card for my friend Mareetta


On another thing, my two cents about The Stranger. I had some issues with it and I had to watch it twice to be sure they weren’t addressed. This is just my opinion; I really liked the actors but the plot was a bit meh. I must have read too many detective stories as it is.  A list of the things that really bothered me under the cut.

  • The alpaca and Mike. The bite mark on the alpaca’s leg was never brought up later. Also why there was no mention of Mike getting any kind of punishment?
  • Why nobody missed Heidi (awesome Jennifer Saunders) earlier?  Was the cafe closed next day and why, a public holiday? And why kill Heidi in the first place, such useless death.
  • Why mr. and mrs. Powers were introduced on ep. 6 and not before? I was like ’who are these people?’
  • Corinne’s earring was closed when found in the car but her ear was whole when Adam found her. Who had left the earring in the car?
  • The blonde hacker girl Ingrid was just a filling imo, Chris would have been quite fine by herself.
  • Why Adam lied to the boys? This was for me the hardest part to understand.

I really liked the Price boys, awesome acting from both Jacob Dudman and Misha Handley.







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  1. Susanna
    I hope you are feeling better w the flu. I am praying that I make it thru the first show w/out jet lag kicking in especially with our surprises for The Armitage at SD😉😘
    Hmmm excellent points above
    The earring left in the car
    Heidis death was a huge hole in my opinion
    Heidi/Dominique was she really Chris lover? Best friend? I agree she wasn’t really needed here

    Candy: ahhh looks sooo good
    Congrats to middle child and his friends! Looks like a lot of fun and weather seems pretty good

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    1. The fever is still on, risen a bit. Are you in London now? Have fun!
      The weather was cloudy but with cold wind, I almost froze my fingers off.


  2. Oh I’m sorry you’re unwell 😣 I hope it passes quickly.
    Lice the Minecraft costumes btw! And what a lovely card for Mareetta!
    I also was unhappy with no one noticing Heidi was missing, thought that was a terrible plot hole. And the earring…again it made it really obvious Corinne was either kidnapped or dead. Yet no one seemed that bothered…

    Liked by 1 henkilö

      1. I think it’s an enjoyable ride but doesn’t hold up brilliantly to scrutiny. But emotionally I enjoyed it

        Liked by 1 henkilö

      2. Rachel that’s what counts! He did look really really dreamy with the fuller hair and that index scratching between the eye brows wowsy
        Do you think he would repeat next week 😂😂😘

        Liked by 1 henkilö


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