Considerate people

Last Saturday I went to movies with youngest son to see Jumanji : The Next level. As we waited for the movie to begin people were on their phones, just like I was. In a while the lights went off and we saw some ads. Or would have seen but for a man sitting near me. His wife sat next to me and then him and he was reading news on his phone in the dark theater.

I politely asked him if he’d be so kind and turn the phone off and he answered saying ’It’s just the ads’ and I said that yes but the light bothers me and then he finally gave up. That’s also when the movie begun in earnest.

I just don’t get it. Why do you have to look at the phone when the lights are already off instead of getting ready to enjoy the movie?

I wrote about this in FB and said that I remember the good old days when cell phones were new and in the movies people actually behaved. I remember when someone forgot to silence the phone and the phone rang and all (we) others shouted ’Give them our regards’ and the other time when someone got really angry and threw their neighbors phone towards the screen. It was awesome.

Sometimes I miss those times.



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      1. Well Susanna yes and no in the fandom for sure but you are very kind here and I’ve made some incredible friendships via The Armitage fandom but I think inconsiderate people are mainly narcissistic they just care about themselves
        I’d rather have 10
        root canals then be around rude and mean people 😉

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  1. it’s just bloody rude! my two worst experiences were in a London cinema when mobile phoes were new-i was in the Odeon Leicester Sq , so a fairly expensive ticket and this mans phone rang and he answered it during the film!
    The second was actually at the opera! i was in the cheap seats (still £35) and again this women starting talking on her phone! i couldn’t believe the gall!
    i think people are slightly better these days, but i’m pretty certain i heard a phone beep near the end of Vanya last week as someone turned their phone on -probably to take pictures

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      1. Susanna oh I am not either but if The Lodge is playing whilst I’m in UK I will only go with Rachel
        Not going on my own here in America plus my dear friend here doesn’t like horror and won’t go even for Richie

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  2. Very annoying. To the extent that I am always slightly weary before going to the cinema, fearing that some such scene will happen and there will be confrontation about it. The last couple of times I was in the cinema, I noticed there were specific ads/notices in the trailer section that specifically asked the audience to switch of and put away their phones *now*. Luckily, there were no incidents.
    The worst mobile phone interruption experience I ever had, was in Shanghai. Apparently, in China it is entirely normal to actually receive phone calls *in* the cinema, to answer them and talk on the phone, or to go in and out of the cinema, chatting on the phone. I lost count how often a phone rang during the film – 20 times? I found it very distracting.

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  3. It’s a shame people are inconsiderate everywhere using their mobile phones in dental
    Offices when there are signs asking people to silence their phones but in cinemas people still rudely talk during movies which drives me batty!
    I can see why I’m moody anti socialite and for other reasons as well 😉

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