Mail art

Since I mentioned Art decos yesterday and Guylty asked of them in the comments I decided to write a short entry of them (with pics of course).

About a decade ago I had many penpals and I had started penpalling around mid-90’s. At some point we exchanged so-called Friendship books which were actually just for getting more penpals. There were many Yahoo groups devoted to them but since one can only have so many penpals (at the time I had 15 I think) I turned my eye on deco-fb’s.

Plain deco-fb’s were pretty easy to make and they had all sorts of glitter, staples and tape on them which I grew out in a few years. Then I started the more crafty art deco-fb’s which needed a bit more doing. In art deco creativity is more the thing, one can’t use tape to attach stuff on and glitter is a big no. In the linked article above is a short explanation of decos too.

I’ve only recently started doing decos again but it delights me to make these small mail art pieces. Here are some pics of my entries. Feel free to ask more.

Live music

Hi there! I’ve been mostly off line or done some small surfing on my phone during my free time since I get enough screen time at work and I’ve noticed my eyes grow tired after 8 hours of computering.

Yesterday evening my friend Mareetta took me to dinner to Tammisaari where we did a little summer evening dinner already on July. This time she wanted to see a Finnish-Swedish musician Fredrik Furu to perform. It was a free concert on a restaurant garden and since I had a work day we had some issues with the timing and rush hour but luckily managed to get there in time.

The weather was rainy and cold but the food and music were good so it was actually pretty good Friday evening. Some pics included.

In other news middlest son has been at home this week and last Saturday we did some wholesale grocery shopping which was good. They’ve been eating camp-ratios in the garrison due to the C-situation but it’s going to change soon, he ate like a growing young man. My aunt used to say young men have hollow legs and she knew since she had four.

I’ve been reading, knitting and crafting. I’m finally getting all of the old swaps I had forward, soem of them have been sitting on my desk far too long so I’m relieved. And a bit shamed but sometimes Life happens to the best of us. I wonder if there’s anyone swapping art decos on my readers?

Here is a pic of Sirius sleeping on my knee. I was trying to get to bed but you really can’t go when one is such s dear kitty, can you? On the other pic you can see our desk. We got some nice paintings from the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) to the House and there’s still some sculptures showing up next week. This painting is called ”Exhaust” by Petri Rummukainen and everybody says the bunnies are us, so you can guess who is the one with the handbag? Yeah 😀

I finally finished Lucifer Season 5. I tried to watch it just one ep per evening but it’s so good and then it was also very short season. Now I’m on Umbrella Academy S2 which doesn’t seem quite as good as S1.

A song by Fredrik Furu for you, he sings in Swedish but I think you’ll survive. I did.