Tallinn by day

In the beginning of July when our summer holidays were just begun we decided to have a day in Tallinn, Estonia. There’s several ferries that offer rides, the cost and length just differ a bit.

The day was beautiful, sunny and nice and the sea wasn’t very bad (I forgot my acu-bracelets home) as I get seasick very quickly when the sea is rolling. We had brunch at the ferry, it was very good. We even had chocolate mousse as dessert (I once went for it five times since it’s my absolute favorite dessert).

In Tallinn we walked a very short distance to the old city wall tower Fat Margaret where they nowadays have the Estonian maritime museum and it was really great. The exhibition took all four floors and from the top of the tower is nice views over the city.

From the museum we strolled through the old city and had a coffee and cake break in Maiasmokk cafeteria. Back in the 90’s it used to be pretty small but now it’s very nice. We had a table in the small square while we enjoyed our iced coffees under the shade.

After our coffee break we had just enough time to do some shopping so we walked to the Virukeskus where I did first some shopping in the cosmetics shop (which is huuuge) and then we visited the grocery shop downstairs which is awesome. Then we walked back to the ferry and enjoyed our cabin all the way back to Helsinki.

A very short video of a steam boat animation. DH saying something in the background.

Day tripper

Yeah! Me and my friend Mareetta did a Sunday trip to a nearby city called Lahti today. We left at 10 am and I just got home an hour or so ago. We had fun day.

First we visited a second hand store and then an outlet shop of an Finnish brand where I found one nice t-shirt and a light skort (skirt and shorts combination I really like, awesome for i.e. bicycling). Then we drove to the city and had a nice dinner at a local restaurant and afterwards we did some light shopping at a department store next door. From there we drove to a shopping mall a bit further since they had a lovely waffle cafe. After that we were about to drive home but decided to take a turn at the lakeside in the city next to the famous ski jumping hills. You may have heard of a Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen, these were his home grounds.

Since it’s been a holiday week again (a day off on Thursday) the motorway was so packed with people coming home from the summer houses that we decided to drive back via the old highway and it was nice. We watched the local houses and farms and enjoyed the scenery.

On other news; I’ve enrolled to my last Communications Science course which is a bout the freedom of speech and it’s okay I guess but so much writing. I need to write a paper of the lectures after I’ve listened to them and also I must read five books, of two of them I need to write a paper of and three will be questioned in an exam. Whoo boy. I think I took a too large bite with this one. Well, at least the summer holidays will be appreciated.

Last Tuesday I was getting my braces tightened again and the dentist said I’ll get them off on mid-June right before my summer holidays. On my last day at work (the next Wednesday after I’ve got the braces off) I’ll meet with my own dentist and we’ll plan what to do next. I hope I’ll get everything fixed during the summer, it’d be wonderful. The money I saved during this pandemic by not travelling will be put to good use.

Youngest son is going to his confirmation camp on early June, it’s a hike in Lapland. He wasn’t very happy when I said he needs to go but it seems he’s adapting to the thought. His best friend is coming to the same camp so it’s alright. On Friday I took him to shop all the necessary stuff, i.e shell jacket and trousers, woollen set of underwear etc. I think he was most happy of the new Marttiini knife he’ll need there.

I guess this is all for now so have a nice Sunday evening and awesome next week! Here is Sirius sleeping.