Quick update

DH is back home and getting better. I’ll add an TMI warning further below in case you don’t like to hear about people’s innards.

First I’ll just give you some pics from my walk yesterday. We had -15C degrees and I thought to try on my new snow pants I bought last Feb when we had very cold weather and of course as I bought them the weather changed so I didn’t get to use them at all. I dressed myself warmly and went to forest and I was so hot that back home I felt like I had done a sweaty aerobic class. Anyways it was nice to be warm and in the fresh air enjoying sunny day.

Now to the hubby part.

In the hospital doctors examined that the kidney stone had pressed the urinary trackt closed sitting on the top of it and that caused the pain since urea couldn’t get past the kidney stone. The surgeon inserted a plastic tube from the kidney to the bladder so that now the urinary trackt can heal and when it’s healed enough they can blast the kidney stone away. It’ll be in a month’s time. Hubby is much better already as the pain has subsided but now he has to stay close to the bathroom as the plastic tube goes straight to the bladder and he’ll sleep in the living room for couple of days at least.

So he’s on the mend.

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  1. Susanna excellent news he’s on the mend! Was not gory at all more of a technical explanation 👍😊good job
    Those pictures look so dreamy ! I love snow but here is cooler with rain expected in the next few days.
    Those pants served you well a twofer !

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