Funny things

Some funny things that happened this week.

I’ve been waiting for my new debit card to arrive in mail from the Bank as I thought it’s expiring this month. Since the new card doesn’t arrive I call the Bank on Monday morning and a young man says to me ”We will send in next November, it expires on 2022” and I’m just laughing and I say ”Sorry I bothered you, my head is a mess” and he laughs too. I hope he had a good day, I did.

Today I was supposed to have a two-hour-long dentist appointment, we are changing some crowns and I get there and he looks at his notes and says ”Sorry but we can’t make it in this given time, my bad” and we change the date two weeks forward and book three hours for four crowns. Then we chatted almost an hour.

Now I watched an old Simon’s cat video from youtube and I’ve been laughing my butt off. That bird is so funny 😀

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