It’s a living thing

Live music that is. I love live music, probably because as a teen I never got to go to any live concert, not even free ones. With my first long-time-boyfriend I managed to see some Finnish club live music nights such as Kingston Wall (my then-bf knew the Walli brothers from school) but then there was a long time I couldn’t go, kids were small and so on. Around these last ten years or so I’ve been going to live concerts again. One of the first was 30 Seconds to Mars which is still one of my faves and I also managed to see Prince perform here in Helsinki which was my dream come true, I was (still am) his long time fan from 1984.

Now though I think that two massive gigs is quite enough for one week.

Last Friday I and my friend Mareetta took a plane to Gothenburg, Sweden, to see a concert by three of Sweden’s top musicians from the 80’s. They used to have solo careers but then started a project together called GES in the 90’s, then went on a pause but reunited for a friend’s birthday party and now they made a tour together. There were 11 000 people in the Scandinavium in Gothenburg and it was so much fun! I even remembered some of the lyrics to some old 80’s songs in Swedish. Here is a compilation of their previous gig in Stockholm as I couldn’t find anything from Youtube. If you like there’s some videos in Instagram at

Yesterday I was on a totally different kind of concert here in Helsinki. One of the most beloved and gifted Finnish rock musicians Ismo Alanko had his 40-year-long-career celebration, 9 concerts at a club which had been postponed from last year. I had tickets to one night, some people had tickets to all nine concerts… I’d be plain dead after such a marathon. I danced so much my legs were literally killing me all of the last night, luckily I had my osteopathy session in the morning. Underneath is the song from the beginning of the gig. If you know where to look you can see a certain person dancing in front of a taller woman (that tall woman is my friend Heidi, she’s right in the middle).

I’m going to write another post about the trip to Gothenburg tomorrow.

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  1. Prince would have been a great concert to see! These videos are very energetic! What are they saying in the second video? I tried to spot you in it 😁❤️
    Whet a fabulous mini break you and Mareeta took to Sweden!
    Yes please a post on that trip ! 👏👏👍

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    1. You mean the song Ismo is singing? It’s from the early 90’s and it’s about the financial crisis, how the clever business men made a big bubble and how it affected poor people. The song’s name is actually Pornography 😀

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      1. I meant what the crowd was saying but yes that’s great to know what Ismo was singing! Your enthusiasm on this post is very contagious! I’m envious of the jet hopping too ❤️😘

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      2. I can’t get heads or tails out of it. There was one guy next to me who was very drunk already at the beginning and when the second song ended and people had ceased clapping and everyone was quiet he yelled ’That was a good one!’ Even Ismo laughed at him 🙂

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  2. Oh yes, I miss live music so much. Any live performance, really. Over here, things are definitely not safe for mass events yet (even though they haven’t been shut down, but our case numbers are rising every day, and I have to be extra careful). That GES concert sounds fun!

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    1. It was very much fun! I’m not sure if the Sweden’s covid plan was great but it was so freeing to be able to not worry for a little while.
      In the Thursday gig we had to have the covid injection passes when we entered the club, I think it’s fair too.

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