RA 50 auctions

As Guylty has very generously given out in her blog post I’ll be donating the cd-audiobook The Martian invasion of Earth for the auction. I had thought of donating it already last year but forgot but now it’ll be perfect for the big 5-0 celebrations.

This post is mainly just to let you know that the cd-box includes two cd’s and is in pristine condition. I’ve only unwrapped it and copied the cd’s (because I like to listen audiobooks on my phone when I’m scrapping or doing house chores). Of course you can stare at Richard’s pic on the cover while listening if that is more your thing.

Below are the cast members. Richard and Lucy Briggs-Owen were very good as were the others too. A very enjoyable listening even if you’re not a fan of HG Wells.

Richard Armitage (Herbert)

Lucy Briggs-Owen (Amy)

Hywel Morgan (Curate)

Ewan Bailey (Daniel)

Richard Derrington (Ogilvy)

Helen Goldwyn (Agatha)

Christopher Weeks (Edward)

Benedict Briggs (Boy)

Nicholas Briggs (Martians / First Officer)

So there you go! Happy bidding!

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