Artsy Friday

We are having a heatwave at the moment and in order to have something else to do than sit at home eating ice cream and sweating I planned a movie night with my friends Heidi and Kristiina.

Since I was going to meet them at a cafe before the movie I thought to go city centre a bit earlier and see the Repin art exhibition in our National gallery before meeting them. I had to queue for about 15 minutes bc I didn’t want to buy the ticket beforehand as we have a thing called The Museum card here (you pay an annual fee and get to see as many museums as you like, to cover the annual fee you must visit about four exhibitions). I only took couple of photos of my fave paintings and walked through the exhibition in 30 minutes.

You can browse the other art works in the exhibition here:

At the cafe we shared our latest news like that I got through my exams with flying colours (I was quite certain I had failed) and then we went to see Cruella. It was very good. I had expected something else so it was a very nice surprise. Of course great actors, i. e. Mark Strong 😎, and both female lead Emmas’ among others and the costumes, music and charming doggies. All in all a very good movie! Go see it it you can. We had great time and enjoyed greatly our first movie after November.

That was my artsy Friday. I had good time 🙂

Today we’ve had hottest day this summer, +31c degrees in shadow. Hubby has been driving me to swim in the sea and so far the blue-green algae is not yet bothering us. It’s been wonderful. As the beach doesn’t have boxes to lock one’s things into while swimming Hubby has been watching my stuff as he doesn’t like to swim in the ocean here 🙂

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  1. Oh, to go back to a museum or art gallery… Sounds like you had a lovely summer day! I like sea swimming – and haven’t been in the water in a couple of years.

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    1. I know! Art is such an important part of (my) life.

      I love swimming in the sea and lakes too, but sea is my first choice always. During summertime our inside pools are closed and the open-air pools can only have so many people which is why I prefer natural waters too.


      1. That’s true and a lot of people enjoy i.e. the Nuuksio national park here on metropolitan area which has great lakes too 🙂


  2. What about Cruella did you like? I’m still a bit hesitant to go to the cinema but doggies in a film may get me there! 🤗👍
    I long to go see National Art Gallery in DC so good for you and sounds like a wonderful evening with your girlfriends 👏🤗

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  3. You’ve been getting your culture in recently!

    I love Mark Strong,I was listening to a audiobook ”Letters of Note” about cats and when he came on..oh my gosh that voice! I’ve also gone to the cinema when the weathers really hot! Great place for air con!

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