Where did the chocolate eggs disappear?

I wonder where… Before Easter I was almost at the same weight as five years ago. After my mom died I gained some kilos and my thyroid acting up too made me gain weight. Now it seems the thyroid meds are in correct order and so I’m finally getting a bit lighter. During Easter thou it’s impossible not to eat good food and desserts which is good but luckily not every day is a holiday.

I had some days off during Easter, mainly because we don’t have much work as we don’t have so many clients. Since I last updated I’ve continued at the foodbag delivery and supervised matriculation exams at my former high school. It was fun to visit my old school, when we graduated it had middle grades and high school but it’s since turned only to a high school and now has about 860 students. At my time there was probably around 300 students all together. To house all of them there’s also been renovations done and built more space. Nowadays the high school specializes in media studies so the kids who go there can later find themselves working in some media career.

I have finished two sweaters, one is a Riddari and it’s very nice and the other is the Suolaulu sweater but it needs a bit tweaking still. I’ll take piccies and upload them around weekend (I hope).

Youngest son continues school at home. Now it’s decided that the middle grades go to school on schedule so that all the 9th grades are at school next week and then two weeks at home, then it’s the 7th graders turn and the 8th graders go last. Yay. I hope they all will be able to go to school on May.

Middlest son has been home from the army for a week since Saturday. He has done the single flying test and so can go flying alone when it’s allowed. He also applied to the National Defence University even thou he already has a place in the Engineering University. If he gets the place in ND Uni he’ll get to fly the new fighter planes when they arrive. I’m not so sure if I want to see that.. The ND University is located here in Helsinki, not very far from us and they have very nice facilities. His official army time ends in June.

Here are some pics. Yesterday I went to the forest for a walk but it was still pretty wet so I had to stay on higher ground and couldn’t get many pics. Here the spring is not as far as last year but then we had much less snow, almost none at all.

Oh and the definition for Easter witch is here 🙂 It’s a common tradition here and very much enjoyed.

14 vastausta artikkeliin “Where did the chocolate eggs disappear?

    1. Oh the writing course.. I watched the lessons but the 30-day writing every day is still on pause. I’m not good with writing something, how little it may be, every day. I read somewhere that it’s common for introvert writers, they (we) need time to get into writing mood 🙂

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  1. Well done on the knitting and it was interesting reading about the Easter witch.

    I know what you mean about weight! I’m struggling so hard to get my diet under control and I am so fickle about exercising. Just wish I didn’t have such a sweet tooth!

    Cute cat pics too x

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    1. Thank you 🙂

      I used to keep low-carb diets every now and then but now I thought to eat as I usually do but be more conscious of it and it’s been good. Not very quick but better.

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      1. i think lower carb is a good plan, because carbs such as bread have a ton of calories. No carb diets i think are drastic and i always go for slow and steady over fast weight loss anyday

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      2. Indeed it is a good plan but for me personally it’s almost impossible bc I love baked goods and they have so much quick carbons. Ten years ago I lost about 9 kilos in two months with low-carb diet and I’ve successfully used it every now and then (i.e. after summer) to get rid of the summer delicacies but in order to get back to my best weight I need to eat more concsiously. Now I’ve got rid of 6 kilos in as many months. Of course there’s the thyroid factor too, I don’t know how much it affected my weight when it was functioning wrongly, now my meds seem to be in order and that may also count on my weightloss.

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