December halfway

Last entry I wrote was a week ago. Well, it sure feels like it was a decade ago.

On Sunday we had eldest son over for dinner. He invited himself to celebrate the Finland’s independence day with us and it was nice. It was quite like I’ve wanted them to do when they grow up and move out. So we had nice dinner, then I cut his hair and then he and hubby went to sauna. meanwhile I cut youngest one’s hair and the he went to sauna and hubby drove eldest home while I went to sauna. It was nice and quiet celebration as we like. By tradition we lit two candles on the windowsill at 6pm, that tradition dates back to the Finnish civil war; the candles indicated a safe house for the White side.

The beginning of this week has been a blur. I’ve been to work every day and yesterday evening I had my first Communication sciences exam in the Open Uni since 2016 when I left them since I had depression, I only managed to do two courses back then so I’m hoping to get the rest of the basic courses done now. I’m planning to continue studying the deepening courses next fall but we’ll see. This exam was a book-based thingy, I had four books to read about political communications and it was interesting and the exam wasn’t too bad. My goal is just to get through the exam so nothing major.

Tomorrow we have an five hour meeting and I’m doing it from home, I took both my work phone and laptop home. The first part is of the things concerning the organization and the rest of the time we have anti-racism lecture. I find it interesting. We already had discrimination lectures earlier this fall and they were good too, they make you think about hidden behavior and organizational discrimination. I’m planning to go out for a walk with the meeting in my phone since it’s on Teams app so I get to enjoy a bit of daylight outing at the same time too.

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  1. Loved reading about the family sauna – so it really is not a prejudice, but that is what Finns do ;-). Well done on returning to college. How is it going for you? It’s probably not the best year for it (in the sense that contact with other students has been cut) but being back in education can feel really exciting and invigorating? Wishing you all the best for the exams!

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    1. Yes, we Finns do love sauna, although I know people who don’t like it. usually me and hubby go together and earlier we all went together but teen boys want to go alone these days and Middlest one loves sauna and stays long there so no-one actually want to go with him..

      Well, I’ve done some tele-courses earlier and it’s easier with my work (shifts) so it’s not new for me. I do like learning new things and I think it makes me thinks differently than usually, consider things more.
      Thanks dear 🙂


      1. Yeah, I can see how teen boys may go theough a phase where they find it awkward to share the sauna with their mum 😉. They’ll probably get over it again at some point.

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