Nose stuff

Youngest son’s nose is fixed. In the morning we went to the hospital and after waiting in the kids room for two hours he got in and the deed was done in 45 minutes.

The cartilage next to the bone was a bit crushed by the blow and the surgeon lifted it. Now he has a tampon inside his nose and an outside support, hopefully it’ll be okay now.

Hubby came to pick us up and they drove via my workplace so I managed to do some hours.

On this morning our city mayor said in the Covid19 newsflash that all libraries, sports places, secondary schools and adult hobby places will close in near future which means my workplace will probably close too next week.

After I came home we watched Galaxy Quest with youngest one. I really love that movie.

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  1. Glad the deed was done (thank you for the alliteration too❤️) and youngest is recuperating
    I may do a Galaxy Quest this weekend
    Was the picture a pit stop on the way home?
    I’m so sorry about the covid work restrictions

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    1. I love Galaxy Quest 💕
      That’s the hospital cafeteria. The building was built in 1888 and previously it was used only for surgigal operations. Now it serves as the clinic for ear, eye and nose problems, i. e. dental ER is located there.

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  2. That was a fast fix. Hope it heals up nicely.
    As for library closing – does that mean you work from home (if at all possible) or will you still have to go in for work?

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    1. Yes, it was quick.
      The metropolitan area mayors give more info tomorrow. It looks like public libraries will be closed but since I work in a sort-of school library it remains to be seen. My colleague and I talked about training ICT-programmes at work if we’re closed since we’ll probably need to start streaming the author interviews etc more in the near future.

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      1. It’s great to have clients but it’s also a hindrance when trying to take courses so that we can better serve the clientele.



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