Nose and other stuff

On Saturday youngest son went to a trampoline park with his friends for the the first time this year bc of the plague going around. Just after two hours he called hubby to get him home. One of his friends had accidentally hit him on the nose and he had a nosebleed and during the evening his nose swelled a bit. When he got up on Sunday his nose was aching and swollen so we took him to see a doctor who then sent us to the University Hospital’s ER.

Luckily there was just one old lady and us so it didn’t take very long for us to see another doctor. She examined youngest son’s face very carefully and said that the nose is so swollen we’ll have to come later when it’s gone down a bit and they can see if it needs operation. She also said the nose looked a bit crooked to the right and so we are going there on Friday morning.

Now the swelling has gone down quite well and it doesn’t look broken imo. Of course now youngest son has been on and off in school because first his nose was pretty achy and now he’s been couching the fluids up so that his voice is gone. Well.. just tomorrow left anymore.

On Sunday we got home just in time to say our goodbyes to middlest son who was having his one week free. Next time he’s coming home on Boxing day when he’s been ’in’ for six weeks service and then he’ll go back next year! Their flying lessons begin in January too. I find it funny as our last name means Great tit so the little bird gets his flying lessons finally 🙂

At my work we’ve had a conservator-restorer cleaning all the statues we have. Most of them are in the City museum’s collections but some are of the National Gallery’s collection and one of these had a bullet embedded into it. It made us very curious since the house has only been on place since 1927 but the statue is from the 1900. It’d be interesting to find out where the bullet is from. (Our statue is a copy of the one in the Wikipedia article, it’s called The Shipwrecked.)

Tomorrow we’ll hear if the City decides to close places as the Covid19 is increasing in the Metropolitan area again. Last spring I thought the quarantine closing would have been harder in November and look! here we are…

We found a nice paper bag for Sirius to enjoy.
Bought a peanut butter cupcake and chocolate mousse cake for evening coffee. I’ve painted the dragon years ago when I did porcelain painting as a hobby.
I know I’ve got weird taste in music but besides of the song I really like Rosamund Pike in this vid. ETA it can be disturbing so beware.

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  1. Massive Attack are a brilliant band! not weird!
    hope your sons nose continues to improve 😦
    sorry about Covid-i’m so bummed out atm over it all but you just have to keep going and cake seems like a sensible choice!

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  2. Susanna you’ve had a busy family time of late! Glad youngest sons nose is better and hopefully not broken
    I’m sorry Covid struck again
    We here have tighter restrictions with mask wearing and limiting group meetings and eating. It all sucks
    Those dreamy desserts are to die for with coffee and tea (for Rachel) ❤️❤️

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    1. Here the restrictions are good too but now we’ve got the Covid19 cases rising from 10 to 100 in a week. Since we don’t have the emergency laws currently in use not all people wear masks and the pubs have found a hole from the restrictions in place, they sell alcohol until it’s closing time and then turn into night cafe’s and that’s causing a lot of cases atm.

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      1. Ahhh here in Virginia finally our governor had made mask wearing mandatory in any indoor place and bars and restaurants must close at 10 pm
        Our cases have risen recently although we are not a hot spot
        like where my parents live

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