Birthday gifts and disturbing art

Last time I told about my birthday. Back then I hadn’t yet received the gift from my fandom friend Rachel and it was a lovely surprise when it came a week later (the Finnish postal services are really something these days..). Among other very nice things there was this perfect piece of art which found place next to my Lucius figurine.

A week ago Saturday I went mushroom hunting with my friend M and we found a lot of yellowfoot which is a delicacy I’ve never been able to find on my own. The day in the forest was lovely and weather was cold but clear and when it finally in the afternoon started to rain we were more than ready to go home with our catch.

This week has been hectic to say the least. Since I work some evenings too I had something every day, i.e. on Wednesday I went to theater which had been postponed on May. It was nice, two elderly Finnish actresses told about their lives and loves turning even hard experiences into dark comedy. The audience had all masks on and only half of the seats were filled with empty seats between groups of two. In May there was four of us at work going but now it was just me and my colleague since the other two felt a bit flu-ish and decided against taking part.

On Friday I had coffee with my friend Kristiina and before I met her I managed to see an art exhibition by Patricia Piccinini before it was closed. It was said to be kind of fantasy figures and the ad pics looked nice but when I saw all the pieces in the exhibit I don’t know… I know art is supposed to make people think and wake up questions but apart from the fantasy pieces and alien tunnels carved into furniture I found some these more on the pervert side and some of them made my skin crawl. If you want a closer look just visit her page I gave the link to.

Yesterday I went to my former workplace’s party with M. I was hoping to meet some of my old colleagues but with the situation here now there were just about 20 people of which I knew five (and M). Also it was supposed to begin at 5pm but when we got there there was less than ten people and only around 7pm everyone was there and the food wasn’t very interesting imo. I must say I was disappointed. M and I left round 8 pm and went to a nice restaurant to have dinner just between us which was a good decision.

I’m sewing a coat for myself, we’ll see if anything comes of it. I’d sew the outside on the inside today and then do the finishing but I think it may go on to the next weekend when I finally finish with it.

Well, here’s a movie trailer of the Moomin mom Tove Jansson expecially for Rachel. The scenes of Tove in her studio have been shot in her real atelier in Helsinki. Sorry for it being subtitled only in Finnish and spoken in Swedish.

14 vastausta artikkeliin “Birthday gifts and disturbing art

  1. Susanna you had a busy week! Rachel is very talented crafter !🤗❤️
    I’m glad you said that art piece looked a bit creepy I thought so too but didn’t want to say anything !
    As we discussed on Rachel’s blog Moomin world is definitely on my travel list along with Helsinki !
    Will be curious how your coat turns out. I’m not a crafter or sewer at all so I greatly admire both you and Rachel’s creativity outlets 🤗❤️❤️👏👏🌷

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  2. Fabulous piece of Thorin art!
    Good to hear that you can still go out and about, with friends, with colleagues, into galleries and restaurants. It almost sounds ”normal”, and I admit I feel a tiny bit envious 😉.
    And oooh, you are sewing a coat??? Now, that’s what I call *real* sewing. I have never tried anything like that, so I hope you will show us a picture of your masterpiece once it is finished!

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    1. Yes, at the moment the Covid19 situation here on the Helsinki metropolitan area is going well, the infections seem to be on the decreasing side. There are restrictions and at my work we use face masks when in contact with clients etc.
      The coat is almost done but I need to re-adjust the sleeves and then do the finishing touches. It’s of fuchsia corduroy with the collar and pockets made of floral corduroy. I found such lovely warm lining that I knew I had to make something of it 🙂


  3. sounds like you’ve been a busy bee, i’m rather jealous as Wales now in lockdown and cases rising all over UK so no one is really socialising anymore.
    Glad you like Thorin, the artwork is borrowed tbf but as it’s for a present we figured it’s ok.
    I’ve been sewing all this weekend-lots of masks and a few surgical caps for work, the hardest bit is definitiley the cutting out of material imo!
    The Tove Jansson film looks really good-i love art house films

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    1. We try not to get ourselves into another lockdown since it’d be catastrophical for the economy (as I’m sure you all there know). We all try to behave as adults in order to not to get more restrictions anymore.

      Thorin was perfect ❤

      I'm so bored to sew any more masks I'll start screaming if I have to sew more of them. I already made some for my friends and I'm wondering if I should sew some more for myself..

      My colleague has seen Tove and recommended it highly. I have yet to see it. Oh and I was going to tell you that if you visit the Tove Jansson site I gave a link in the text you'll see the little island she and Tuulikki used to spent their summers. In an interview Tuulikki said that Tove hated doing beds in the morning so much that at the cottage they always slept in a tent outdoors 😀

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      1. yeah, the Brits are being weird about mask wearing ,etc. When they’re being like this I pretend i’m not British! lol
        Yeah, i don’t think i have it in me to make many more masks, they’re surprisingly time consuming! Look forward to hearing more about your coat x
        Thanks re the recommendation on Tove! tbf, we just don;t make the bed! lol

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