October already

The fall is getting on again. For me the end of September means the number of my lived life turns one year up and this time it hit the magical number of half a century. It’s funny to think that since when my parents turned fifty they were much older in my opinion than I am now. Of course their lives had been much harder with wartime childhood and then the lean years afterwards but on the other hand my mom used to say that everybody else grow older when one stays young on the inside and that is my feeling too.

It’s weird to think that I’ve been longer than half of my age with hubby and also I’ve been longer than half of my life without my dad, he died when I was 23-years-old and I had only met hubby a year before that.

Since I’ve worked for the city my whole adulthood I got the day off as paid leave (a gift from my employer) and I enjoyed it enormously by taking an almost three hours hike in the woods. Afterwards I took a nap and later went to a nearby shopping mall with hubby to buy a cake and also got some nice fabric for a coat paid by hubby.

I received some gifts and flowers too; I got gift cards to a yarn shop and Marimekko shop, a pair of earrings, a throw, a journal and my long time friends since childhood gave me a writer’s course by a Finnish author which is so awesome I still a bit weepy over it.

I’ve gifted myself braces on the lower jaw. Last Tuesday I got the first rubber bands attached and two weeks from now I’ll get the metal braces done. Yay me. Since it’s a private dentist it’s a bit costly but as hubby said the money will go into my mouth anyway. (He’s got great humor.)

Here are some piccies.

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  1. Happy birthday belatedly! Welcome in Club 5-0. Magic number, oh yeah. I was unhappy with it, but thankfully it really gets forgotten quite quickly. And now we have 9 further years until we need to think about another milestone birthday 😉
    And what a great present you have chosen for yourself. I am sure it is worth-while.
    Loved the picture of the field behind your house. Autumn vibes. And it must be lovely to live so close to nature.

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  2. Susanna sounds like a lovely day you had and I just hiked 1.5 hours and am exhausted so three hours is amazing! The fortress cave looks fascinating and Sirius bless her heart ❤️
    I’m three years in now and it’s pretty normal to my forties 😉

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  3. glad you had a good birthday and that you were paid for it! looks like you had gorgeous autumn weather and that you’re enjoying it before your Finnish winter hits
    get some soup in for first day of getting the braces fitted as you’ll feel a bit tender x!

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