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Since I mentioned Art decos yesterday and Guylty asked of them in the comments I decided to write a short entry of them (with pics of course).

About a decade ago I had many penpals and I had started penpalling around mid-90’s. At some point we exchanged so-called Friendship books which were actually just for getting more penpals. There were many Yahoo groups devoted to them but since one can only have so many penpals (at the time I had 15 I think) I turned my eye on deco-fb’s.

Plain deco-fb’s were pretty easy to make and they had all sorts of glitter, staples and tape on them which I grew out in a few years. Then I started the more crafty art deco-fb’s which needed a bit more doing. In art deco creativity is more the thing, one can’t use tape to attach stuff on and glitter is a big no. In the linked article above is a short explanation of decos too.

I’ve only recently started doing decos again but it delights me to make these small mail art pieces. Here are some pics of my entries. Feel free to ask more.

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  1. Oh wow, these are gorgeous, S! Thank you for your explanation and for showing some of your own work. I love it. So it’s basically mixed media collage, and you can use paper and paints, free hand or glued etc? I love the first one with the leaning tower of Pisa. These are gorgeous works of art – how lucky your penpals are!

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