Live music

Hi there! I’ve been mostly off line or done some small surfing on my phone during my free time since I get enough screen time at work and I’ve noticed my eyes grow tired after 8 hours of computering.

Yesterday evening my friend Mareetta took me to dinner to Tammisaari where we did a little summer evening dinner already on July. This time she wanted to see a Finnish-Swedish musician Fredrik Furu to perform. It was a free concert on a restaurant garden and since I had a work day we had some issues with the timing and rush hour but luckily managed to get there in time.

The weather was rainy and cold but the food and music were good so it was actually pretty good Friday evening. Some pics included.

In other news middlest son has been at home this week and last Saturday we did some wholesale grocery shopping which was good. They’ve been eating camp-ratios in the garrison due to the C-situation but it’s going to change soon, he ate like a growing young man. My aunt used to say young men have hollow legs and she knew since she had four.

I’ve been reading, knitting and crafting. I’m finally getting all of the old swaps I had forward, soem of them have been sitting on my desk far too long so I’m relieved. And a bit shamed but sometimes Life happens to the best of us. I wonder if there’s anyone swapping art decos on my readers?

Here is a pic of Sirius sleeping on my knee. I was trying to get to bed but you really can’t go when one is such s dear kitty, can you? On the other pic you can see our desk. We got some nice paintings from the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) to the House and there’s still some sculptures showing up next week. This painting is called ”Exhaust” by Petri Rummukainen and everybody says the bunnies are us, so you can guess who is the one with the handbag? Yeah 😀

I finally finished Lucifer Season 5. I tried to watch it just one ep per evening but it’s so good and then it was also very short season. Now I’m on Umbrella Academy S2 which doesn’t seem quite as good as S1.

A song by Fredrik Furu for you, he sings in Swedish but I think you’ll survive. I did.

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  1. Reading about your trip to the restaurant, the concert and the lovely photo of the harbour, gives me such a feeling of summer. (It somehow feels as if 2020 has been perpetual late autumn – gloomy and not suitable for outdoors. Which isn’t even true – there have been lovely summer days. But the lack of proper summer hols really makes it feel as if the year has not really happened at all.)
    What do you mean by ”swapping art decos”? What are art decos? I gather they are something you have made yourself?
    Your workplace looks really swanky, yet cheerful and nice. Love the flowers!

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    1. Art decos are a kind of mail art, friendship books. There’s a short entry somewhere in here:
      Art decos don’t have tape or adhesive film and they can have a theme.
      The flowers are from some of my co-workers, they grow them on their city garden plants or on the cottage. They cheer the place up.
      Yes, the evening was summer-y even as it was raining. We had good time 🙂


      1. Oh, I had never heard of these. Sounds like great fun! (I‘ll have to take a look at that.)
        Wow, those flowers came from a garden? They are beautiful!


  2. The dinner and music must have been fabulous!! It’s so great you can go and get a nice meal and great music on a work night!!
    The view from the restaurant is marvelous. Ahh bless Sirius with her mamma ❤️🤗

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  3. lol on the Swedish comment!
    looks like you had a lovely time, I hope Mareetta is well too!
    i know the kitty problem, you feel so guilty moving when they so happy and content on your lap!

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