Day trippin’

We did a short day trip today to a nearby old ironworks factory called Ruotsinpyhtää or Strömfors in Swedish. The village was chosen for ’the Village of the year’ in 2018. The factory dates back to 18th century and is an idyllic place to visit. There is a smith show on Wednesdays which is nice imo.

The old church has an altarpiece painted by Helene Shjerfbeck but unfortunately the church was closed when we visited. There were some interesting looking fir trees outside and the WWII soldier’s cemetery is always nice to browse and meditate for a bit. You can spot them in every village and city you visit here in Finland.

There was some art exhibition in the old stables and some of the pieces were really nice but I haven’t yet won the lottery so had to leave them there. Afterwards we walked to a lunch restaurant which served a really good lunch and then headed home.

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  1. oh! how far out of Helsinki is that? i think my boyfriend would definitley like to have gone there!he’s done a moderate bit of blacksmithing over the years
    looks like a lovely place for a day trip

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  2. Ohh Susanna in that first pic the buildings look a bit submerged in the water great effect!!
    Lovely and enchanted place great for a day trip
    How was lunch? Did you all eat outside ? Hopefully you could relax and recharge a bit 😘❤️👏


    1. Yes, it is quite pretty there. We ate indoors since it was a bit windy and almost all tables out were taken. The inside was cool too so it was nice. We took the lunch buffet which included the salad table (all the cold things, i. e. potato salad and ground veggies) and nice garlic chicken with rice and fried veggies and the dessert was Rocky Road-thing and coffee. Lunch buffets are more of a Finnish thing, we fidn’t see many in USA.



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