Summer party

Last Saturday we had the graduation party (i.e. summer party) for middlest son. It was lovely, the weather was awesome with +22C degrees and everything went so nicely.

The guests arrived right on schedule which was unusual but it didn’t matter since I had some things still to prepare in the kitchen and the Graduate was about ready to go greet his guests. Hubby had gone to fetch eldest son from the metro station and when they came everybody else was already here.

Only my sister Johanna and her son Aki (a young man of 30 now) and my cousin Kristina with her husband Sten were attending as relatives, my brother Kimmo had visited us on Thursday already.  All the other guests were our friends, some are my school mates and some are hubby’s childhood neighbours and some of them are also boys’ godparents. It was so nice to see everyone again after this horrible long winter and spring.

Sunday went lazying around, sort of. I washed three loads of laundry, read in the sun and off sun, checked the plants in the garden and had a nice sauna in the evening.

I have only two work days until my summer leave but I have two teams-meetings tomorrow and one on Wednesday. Today we had a bit of a hassle at work since most of our furniture came and it can’t be put on place yet because the wall-to-wall acoustic rug must be washed during the summer and amidst of all this came one of our poetry teachers with a guest to record an hour-long video. The guest was one of Finland’s most famous film stars Kati Outinen, she is so nice and genuine.  She’s done a lot of movies with director Aki Kaurismäki.

Some pics of the flowers and dishes from Saturday. I love peonies. It was so sunny that we had to keep the curtains drawn in kitchen but luckily it didn’t matter much.


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  1. Oh, the cinnamon buns… yum. That looks like a delicious spread. Your guests were lucky. What a great day to celebrate your son. Wonderful to share his success with family and friends.
    Peonies – I think they are my favourite flowers. How nice that you even have them in your garden!

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  2. Susanna
    Great that middlest son had his graduation party and your brother and sister could come!!
    Must have been wonderful to
    Meet the actress!! Hope it went much better than my reaction to The Armitage wearying by at SD😂😂
    Lovely flowers and your desserts are always fabulous and too nice looking to eat!!
    Do you have a built in sauna at the house?
    Can you travel now within Finland?

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    1. Thank you dear. Yes, we have a built-in-sauna in our house, at the summer cottage it’s a detached little house on the premises. Both are lovely. We have a stove which burns logs here on city sauna too.
      The travelling restrictions have been lifted but if one travels to Europe they should do a two-week-quarantine after the trip. Travelling to Sweden is not recommended at all but same restrictions goes to it too.

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