Normal people

I’m watching the tv-serie Normal people which is based on a novel by Sally Rooney. I haven’t read the book and I doubt I will even thou the tv-serie is good.

It tells about a young couple, Marianne and Connell, who start dating in the high school and then their on-off relationship through college years. It’s been a bit of a task to watch because

  • it’s kind of too artsy. I mean the high art when you try to pretend to understand all the nuances and it gets a bit boring to reflect everything through the Deep Meanings (you know what I mean here).
  • there is too many sex scenes. I don’t know why but we are back to the 80’s now with all the official sex scenes in movies and tv-series. Sometimes less is more you know, it gets boring pretty quickly.
  • it hits too close to the young girl I once was, just as unsure and doing what I was told by my boyfriend. And I don’t want to remember the time nor the boy nor the girl I was back then. Of course I’ve changed and people do, they grow up but it’s hard to watch. I guess we’ve all been there.

So yeah.. just two eps to go. And a button strip to knit.

On to other things. We’re having middlest son’s graduation party next Saturday and I’ve counted that all together we’ll make about 30 adults including us.I’ve been cleaning the house and baking all weekend. I washed the kitchen windows today and I don’t think I’ll wash any others during this week. I still need to wash the floors before Saturday.

Yesterday I baked a bundt cake which my sister loves, it’s called Sandcake since it’s very dry and today I did some ’gentry cookies’, they are a traditional small cookie in weddings and other kin parties. Here you can see a pic of them, I cut them heart-shaped because I like it more.

Hubby has been cleaning our garden furniture and finished painting them today. One of our neighbours came to inquire where we bought them 🙂

At my work we’re waiting for our work desks to arrive. If we’re lucky we’ll get them this week which would be great since we’re off to our summer holidays on June 18th and come back on early August just as the clients arrive too. On Friday I got rid of all the music class books the teachers had decided they didn’t need anymore and it took me all day to shred the books off the covers. I was quite done afterwards.

Here are some pics. The music class pics show the state of Friday morning before and after lunch. Then there’s some Rhododendrons from my yard and the last pic is of a Finnish actor Jasper Pääkkönen, whom you might know from the Vikings and the BlacKkKlansMan. This pic was in an article and I was just thinking how here in Helsinki our (famous) actors can just casually bike around the city, nobody bothers you (much).

Now I need to get my beauty sleep 🙂


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  1. Susanna
    I think this series is on Netflix and I commiserate with you on all three points although Deep Meaning May need a bit of clarifying for me 😉I’m slow remember 😂😂
    A bundt cake !! Your bakery goods always look so professional. You and youngest and Middlest sons inspire me to bake !!
    The flowers are always beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️
    How is travel in Finland with Covid19 ?

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    1. Thanks dear 🙂 I need to get back to the first question tomorrow (when I’m more awake) but for the Covid19-situation here; we can travel in homeland but to take care of hygiene and safe distance. If one wants to go to i.e. Sweden or Estonia they need to self-isolate afterwards for two weeks. No masks are required but if one wants they can use a mask. So far we’ve had 360(?) Covid-deaths but we’ll see what happens now as the restaurants are open again.

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      1. Okay, what I meant with Deep Meanings was that there’s an abundance of long silences during which the viewer can reflect their own life onto the fictional characters. I find them unnerving and boring.


  2. Sounds as if you have a big party in the making. It’ll be extra special, after this time of distancing. Congratulations to your son on his graduation! (Do they get a graduation ceremony in school or has that been scrapped due to Covid? I really feel for all the students here in Ireland whose graduation was basically not marked at all because of the restrictions.)
    Normal People – has been received with a lot of praise here in Ireland. To my shame, I never watched it. I know, though, that there was a lot of criticism in Ireland over the explicit depiction of intimacy…

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    1. The official graduation at school has been postponed until the end of August and since I don’t believe the army will let every graduate on leave on the same weekend we decided to have some relatives and family friends over for coffee on Saturday.

      Yes, I don’t quite understand why it is so important to film so many sex scenes? It would be much better if it was done with subtlety and hints. I couldn’t watch the Outlander’s first season be of the abundance of sex scenes. It gets pretty boring pretty quickly.



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