School’s out

Yesterday was quite different than I expected in January. We were supposed to have a big graduation party for middlest son but now we only had nice dinner with all of us here and it was okay too. Some of our relatives and friends are coming here on June 13th to celebrate him so it’s all right.

I did a test-cake of rhubarb and strawberry filled cake with meringue-cream icing and it turned out pretty good. I’ve never made meringue icing so it was interesting to learn that too.

Youngest son begun his summer holiday yesterday and he got good grades too. Both of them went to school to get the paper and later in the evening middlest son went to his friends house and came home in the afternoon.

As I said to Rachel we have my MIL’s old recipe booklet for pizza from the early 80’s. It’s got recipes for all kinds of pizza’s, i.e. one with liver and another with kidneys or anchovies and European cisco (fish). Eww. Here is a pic of Pizza with Sardines, the lack of other pics is due the fact the booklets didn’t have nice pics. They looked more just mushy and were not clear enough for photographing.

There’s a bonus pic of Sirius. I was reading on our balcony and she came to sleep on me. I love when she does that because our old kitty Sysi was much more reserved after being in a shelter as a small kitten and hardly ever slept on or with anyone. Sirius was born on an pony farm which had puppies born at the same time and she is a bit like a dog, i.e. she comes when you pat your knee and some other small things too.  I really loved Sysi too, don’t get me wrong, she was an awesome kitty and was very protective of our boys when they were babies but she was shy. Only when she was old (18-y-o and forward) she slept on my lap in the evenings. But as a cat-person I love being a cat-mattress.

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  1. Susanna
    You had a busy few days! Again the cake is sooo beautiful a work of art!!
    Sirius is such a sweetie!!
    Sascha my oldest dog is morphing into a cat now! She only comes when she wants to and curls up against my left hip
    Congrats to Middleson 👍👏👏
    I’m having pizza for dinner so your post made me smile!

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  2. When we were in Turku there was a photographers studio covered in young people wearing the white caps and, at the time, we had no clue what it was about! Sorry they’re not getting their big graduation celebrations. However that cake looks amazing!
    I am glad and not glad you put up a picture of the sardine pizza! 😂 I mean, who in their right mind would think that’s a good idea? Lol
    Regarding cats-they really are so variable in their behaviour. .my boy Gresley who died last year just wanted constant love , affection and attention. Florence likes attention when she wants it and sometimes a cuddle. Eddie likes cuddles but he’s young and wants to play mostly!

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    1. Or anchovies.. 🤢
      Yes, the Finnish graduation caps ate white but in the lining you can have diffetent colours for diffetent reasons, i.e. Finnish-Swedish have blue and yellow lining as in Swedens flag or if your family’s roots are in Carelia you can have black and red lining 🙂

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