Long time no see

I can’t even remember when I last wrote here. I’ve been quite exhausted after the working-at-home during days and then in the evenings I’ve mostly tried to do something else than sit in front of the ’puter.

I’m going back to work (literally) tomorrow. I may have told you that there’s a refurnishing coming to the library and there needs to be some kind of clearing done. Our desks are getting removed and we’re getting new ones done and so on and before that can happen it needs to be cleared.

Hubby’s been on part-time layoff since Easter and he’s sent some applications to some companies and has now two interviews coming up next week. It’s pretty good and I hope he’ll succeed. He’s been complaining of his current job about all the time he’s been there.

I’ve almost finished the cardi I’ve been knitting, I’m on the second sleeve and then there’s the button strip left. The pattern was one of Drops Design and I’m lucky I’m not a beginner in knitting since it’s been weird, i.e. the sleeves should have been decreased from top to bottom which would have left the sleeve so narrow it’d not fit.

I’ve also been watching tv a lot and helped youngest son in his HE homeworks. Yesterday I uploaded ’Walk to Mordor’-apps into my phone in order to get my walks and upcoming biking km’s into it.

For piccies just go to my Instagram (on the left sidebar). There’s now also a video I took in the forest yesterday, I wanted to share the birds singing. Hope you like it 🙂


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  1. Susanna
    I have a work meeting at the office on Wed to figure out next steps.
    Tell second son he has a great baking eye!
    The knitting is over my head but good for you and cannot wait to see final product!
    I love your forest and nature pics so calm and tranquil
    Are you nervous going in?
    Do you all require face masks in public?

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    1. No, I’m not nervous. I think that if I get sick so be it.

      We are not yet recommended to wear masks in public, it’s voluntary so I won’t keep one. One should have so many of them on hand and I doubt many are careful enough with them.


      1. Yup it’s been up and down here
        I was out today at post office and dollar store and grocery store and got a bit claustrophobic with the mask on hard to breathe and a bit dizzy but all clerks dmd cashiers were wearing them and keeping social distance
        We are soon entering phase 1 of going back to work for dental

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  2. heya , nice to see a post. I feel very out of sorts which has played havoc with my routine-which has kind left me some days just not sure what to do-even if i have a load of stuff to do x

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