I feel like I’m in-between everything nowadays. I guess it’s normal at this time.

Last time I told you about the blog I was putting up. Just as I got it ready to be published my boss said we need to do it in Google Sites because the City organization we are included uses it… so yeah. Been wringing it there about since and finally got it ready yesterday and I must say I just effing hate Google Sites. Have you actually ever tried doing things with their stuff? It sucks. It looks pretty nice but the usability of the thing is nowhere near even blogspot. (And it sucks too.)

Hubby’s company has put everyone on part-time layoff and they are not sure if the company’ll pull through. The managers of course have got huge financial benefits.

I went to hairdresser today and it was awesome to see someone live who isn’t part of my family. We had a nice chat and recommended tv-series to each other since we like the same kind of things.

When this is over I’ll probably not fit into my old clothes anymore. Youngest one has had to all kinds of baking as his HE homeworks and middlest son does dinner and baking.

I’m knitting yet another cardi and planning to buy more yarn for mext one.

Well.. see you next time. Piccies on the right side menu in my insta.

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  1. Susanna
    I hope your hubby is ok with his company. I’m non essential where I work so we get weekly emails of reassurance which is great but still I’m anxious about the next few months.
    Your youngest and middle have such baking skills and cooking talents
    All the goodies and meals look delicious !!
    Hope the blog on Google Sites stays working. I’ve never used Google Sites but you are so talented I’m sure blog is fabulous!
    Virtual hug to you! 😘❤️

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    1. Thanks dear! Hubby is a bit pissed off but then again it’s understandable.
      I’ll be rolling out of the house when we finally get to go back to work 🙂
      Your faith in my abilities is very touching.


      1. Ahh Susanna you’re an inspiration, the boys are an inspiration and Sirius she is an inspiration to me
        The pics of your walk and baking get me through the days!!!😘❤️

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