Yes, that’s Uncle Vanya in Finnish. I always find it weird that English doesn’t have own word for different relatives since in Finland we have many words for different relatives, i.e. ”eno” is mother’s brother ( my sons have three eno’s :D) .

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On Friday me and my friend M saw Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya in Harold Pinter Theater and it was just as good as people have said. Toby Jones was awesome as Vanya, Cieran Hinds was perfect as narcissist Professor and the ladies were great too, especially Aimee Lou Wood and Rosalind Eleazar. Richard was of course quite perfect as the melancholy and given up Dr. Astrov. The play was very Russian and also quite universally applicable just like Chekhov has meant his plays to be, showing the humanity through his characters.

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A word of the theater itself too. HP was a bit claustrophobic imo, old house with small interiors and steep stands, even the stage was quite small but it’s an old theater so we’ll forgive all that. I’m glad the play wasn’t any longer because the rows of seats were quite cramped and I felt sorry for anyone taller than me (I’m of average height and even I had trouble with my legs).

2020-01-24 22.34.35 - Copy

After the play we went outside to the stage door to wait for Richard. We had a small gift for him: some Finnish chocolate and a contemporary Finnish novel My Cat Yugoslavia by Pajtim Statovci which is pretty good. First out came Rosalind Eleazar who was very sweet and thanked all us fans as we praised her performance (she looked a bit overwhelmed). Then came Ciaran Hinds ready to sign the hand programmes and he was very nice also. While we waited for RA to show up we noticed Anna Calder-Marshall to go to the other way not wanting to walk through the fans and other people waiting there. Then came Richard and he started from the back of the line which was really nice of him. He was very quick and we barely managed to thrust our gift bag to him but we got autographs and it was all good.


We had agreed with R to meet afterwards and we saw them in the queue after RA left and went to a nearby pizza place to sit and talk (and to eat late dinner).  I felt like I had known R for years instead of just reading her tweets. It was so much fun but in the end we really had to go get some sleep.

I’ll write another entry about what else we did on our trip to London.




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  1. So pleased to read you had a great time in London and enjoyed the play. Oh yes, that theatre is a bit cramped… But it also has a great atmosphere, I thought. What a great picture of RA at the SD. I’m glad you were able to hand over your gifts! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

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  2. ahhh lovely write up and it was fabulous to be able to meet you and Mareetta! it’s nice when you meet people and just click 🙂
    i bet Richard appreciates the pressies-i think they’re right up his street. I hadn’t bought him anything, though on Saturday I did pick something up in Spitalifields on Saturday as a funny sweet thing to give him next month
    the play really was great , i didn’t have any problem with the seating but i wonder if we had more leg room in the stalls?

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    1. It was so great to meet you guys!!
      We think that since he is a reader he’d enjoy the pressies 🙂
      Yes, that’s possible too. We were on the first row in Royal so that might also be the reason.

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  3. Susanna
    Thank you so much for the great synopsis
    I sooo wished I could have been there with you and Mareeta and Rachel. I felt like a fly on the wall seeing the pic of Rachel and The Armitage. I hope he stops and takes a selfie with Rachel and me next month! We have two shots at it!!
    Looking forward to more on your trip to London. 😘❤️

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  4. Thanks for this, Nokisuu and the lovely photos.

    Someone told me Turkish has different names for mother’s and father’s brother. I wonder if there’s a connection somehow!

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    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Finnish belongs to the Finno Ugric language family and I couldn’t find any connection to contemporary Turkish but of course it might be possible. Finnish is related to Hungarian and Estonian. I’m not a linguistic myself 🙂

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