through January already. I feel like time is going faster but it might be because I’ve had busy times again.

At my work the courses have begun again and so we’ve got lectures and classes in the library almost every day too. Also finally on Tuesday they called me from the University Hospital about my thyroid and I had an appointment on Thursday with the surgeon. She said they’d like to operate it during this spring and I said that suits me well. Then the nurse interviewed me and I told I’m available for cancelled times so it may be I’ll get the operation quickly but latest in June. She praised me for having filled the pre-questionnaire very effectively and when she asked my BP I had it ready on my journal since I’ve been trying to keep track of it and she was so happy. It was funny. The trip to the hospital isn’t funny because it’s on the other side of the metropolitan area and it takes about one hour and a quarter to get there by public transport but luckily now I can at least take the underground train half of the journey.

On Friday I had two meetings at work, first was for all of our full-time employees and later I took part to the Union reps meeting where I signed the papers to be available in the reps elections. I had thought not to take part but otoh I find it interesting so I said yes when they asked.  After the meeting I met my friend Heidi in the city centre and we had nice coffee and cake.

On the next Friday I’ll be in London to see Uncle Vanya. I’m already so excited that I try not to think about it so I can sleep during the night. My friend said just the same today as we talked about the trip. We’ll be in London only one night but it’s nice to have a mini-holiday. I already have plans for doing a bookshop-run and also some clothesshopping.

I’m knitting a pair of socks to give to Toby Jones, I really liked him in Marvel movies. I have already knit a pair for RA and he has said he doesn’t want them anymore which I can well understand. He only has two feet after all. I’m thinking about buying a copy of Uncle Vanya in Finnish and take it with me to London and get RA’s signature on it, it’d be nice since I have his signature on my The Crucible too.

I’m watching Money Heist while knitting, it’s very good. Only I don’t like they’ve dubbed it in English because their faces don’t match the sentences and it bothers me. We are having dinner soon, I’m so glad middlest son and hubby are cooking because I don’t have the energy right now and middlest wanted to do chicken curry which is his fave dish to cook and he does it well.



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  1. Yay, you’re heading to London soon. I can only agree with you, it’s nice to go even if it is just overnight. Still a bit of time for looking around and just getting that ”big city” feel.
    Also, best of luck that you quickly get a date for the operation.

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  2. Susanna
    First I hope thyroid issue gets resolved rather quickly
    Second my ears perked up at clothes shopping in London where do you go?
    Third middle son and husband cooking what joy
    Fourth the cake looks so yummy. Plenty of choices in London too for you and your bestie to try
    Fifth I love that you will get UV and have Richie sign it like The Crucible we have plans too 😉
    Finally socks for Toby is the sweetest gift!! Richie could use some new ones after those ghastly footsies he has been wearing 😂💕

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  3. thats so sweet about the socks for Toby! i do hope he comes out on Friday night! my friend Suzy would love to meet him 🙂
    i’m aiming for a selfie over anything else with Richard, wouldn’t know what i’d want signing

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