On Wednesday evening me and my colleagues had a fun night at the local WinterCircus a.k.a. Dance Theater Hurjaruuth. The circus performs in an old factory hall which I visited for the first time now and I must say it was pretty awesome, both the performance and the place.

The story was about a construction site  where the builders work during daytime and in the nighttime there’s ghosts or other spirits plus some very naughty mice. Awesome acrobatics, jugglers and parkour and live music made it better than I had hoped for. Our headmaster said he’d seen the circus every year since 2001 and this was the best so far.  I’m thinking about taking whole family there during the holidays if I can get tickets (or just youngest one).

Here you can watch the trailer and read a bit more about the performance if you’re interested. I myself like circus, one of my earliest memories of circus is when I was about four years old and my brother smuggled us in via the elephant tent. I can still smell it.

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  1. Susanna
    So glad you and your colleagues had fun at the circus. My dad took us to the circus when we were growing up and the elephants were by far my favorite!
    Hope you can get tickets for the family to go!!
    What a great treat for a work outing!!!

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      1. Not much, boys have ice-skating at school during winter. I myself hate it and haven’t ice-skated after high school. When boys were small we had a deal with hubby: he taught them ice-skate and I taught cross-country skiing 🙂


      2. Oohhhh I have always wanted to ski but we never lived anywhere feasible. My mum skied in her twenties and thirties our dad bowled
        Calling Mr Armitage for lessons 😂😉🤗

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