Netflix and chill

Has been my motto during these last days. It’s November which means the darkest time here in Finland because it usually rains or has just rained or will be raining and the clouds are wet and heavy and near the ground. The new season of The Crown begun and I’m already halfway through. I’m also finishing knitting a pair of socks for my cousin and then can begin a new cardi for myself.

I also got my deep stomach and back muscles so sore last week that I couldn’t breath very deep, even yawning made me wince with pain. I fear that the pain will return as I just got back from my Pilates lesson.

During the weekend I read two YA novels. The other one won a national book prize on the year it was published (my cousin was the main judge bc she teaches creative writing for kids and teens in Jyväskylä) and the other one was a quite recent Finnish YA-fantasy novel that had gotten good reviews. Both were good but I liked the first one more which is a bit surprising since I usually like all kinds of fantasy novels but there were some things that bothered me in the fantasy world.

We are in the middle of a postal strike here and it seems it will spread as the other unions support the postmen so I’ll probably have a day off on Monday as the public transport will probably be stuck. I was going to have a free Friday but now I can change it to Monday, I don’t actually mind.

Now I’m off to the English royal family and coffee and knitting.

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  1. Susanna,

    I have not started S3 The Crown yet. I am looking forward to it as I love Olivia Colman and Helena ”Hellie” B-Carter. I think they both are just delightful and funny and genuine actresses. S2 was a bit of a snooze some of it for me but I really liked Claire Foy as Elizabeth.
    Kudos on the pilates. I hope your stomach and back muscles are ok. In some ways soreness can be good that the exercises were done to gain effect.
    I hope Sirius is snuggled with you.
    What color will your next cardi be?

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    1. Yes, I’ve liked The Crown a lot since I haven’t known a lot about the inner politics in UK earlier. The actors and actresses are really awesome too.

      My cardi will be grey with some knitted lace on the hem. I hope to survive it.



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