This and that

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything here last. I’ve been a bit busy with life and everything.  I’ve also tried not to be so much in front of my PC when home and have instead been watching tv more.

Hubby wanted to buy us a new tv and did it so now we have a 60″ tv. It’s about as long as I am when I’m laying down.  DH wanted to install it on a wall support which can be stretched out from the wall and turned this way and that or it can stay against the wall and it’s quite like having one’s own movie theater.

Me and youngest one have been watching Preacher (I bought it on Blue-Ray from Stockholm) and I’m on the last legs of Black Sails too. It’s taken me about two years to watch it because the first season was mostly shagging and it gets boring pretty quick. (I had the same problem with Outlander’s first season.) Today the postman delivered Good Omens for me so I’m going to start watching it now, I can’t wait!

I probably told about the thyroid here. Well, I had the ultrasound and it has grown a bit but the doctor called me yesterday and said that my bloodworks are so good, there’s nothing on them (just like previously) so I don’t get medication. Instead she asked if I want her to send my details to the surgeon and see if they’ll take a look at the thyroid and I said yes. Even if they don’t want to operate it I’d love to hear their opinion.

Today I only did half a day at work because I had an appointment at my own health care center since I’ve been meaning to get a doctor to have a look at some moles I have. This is the public healthcare and I was happy to get the appointment pretty quickly, the thyroid was examined at my work place doctor (which is kind of private doctor because the City employees are so many) but they don’t do specialist doctors examinations, I’m being sent to the public side for that surgeon opinion.

Okay, back to the moles. So I had to take half a day off because I live in the neighboring city of Vantaa and had to travel a bit further by train. I found the place and had to wait about 15 minutes before the doctor who took a magnifying glass and said there’s nothing to worry about, the moles are just fat and will probably go away by themselves. I’m glad. I’ve been a bit worried of them but now I’m just fine.

Last Friday I went to youngest son’s school where we had a follow-up meeting with his teacher and youngest one. I felt quite proud when his teacher who teaches Finnish said that she hopes all her kids will be on the same level in Finnish when they leave middle grades as youngest one is now. He still has two more years to go so..

Later last Friday I and my friend had a North & South-marathon and it was so much fun.

On Sunday eldest son came for dinner as he turned 21 on Saturday. I wonder where the years have gone since he is a grown man and I’m still as young as I ever was. Funny that.





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  1. Susanna,
    You have been busy but thank goodness you are back!!
    I have no seen Outlander, my dad raves about it and it Is in my Watchlist. I feel relieved that you say it has taken you 2 years to watch a program I also have taken a break with some of them (ie House MD is now 18 months past since I watched it) and I have heard Preacher is quite good. Will be curious what you think.
    Good news on the mole situation and the thyroid.
    That you have a private doc at your work place is fantastic.
    North and South always a wonderful remedy to feel good/pick me up.
    Love these attaching pics esp Sirius,
    Is the one furtherest on the left your knitting project completed?

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    1. This is my second round watching Preacher so I really love it. First I watched it just by myself but now youngest one is watching it with me and he likes it too. I have the comic books too, I just bought them from my friend who’s moving.

      Yes, the little bear is now ready but I’m knitting a pair of socks to my cousin’s son go with it so I’m not sending it yet.

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  2. Good Omens is great. You’ll have lots of fun watching that – especially on your ”home cinema” screen 🙂
    And happy birthday to your eldest – he looks like a gorgeous smiley boy in that picture!


    1. Thanks dear. We have decided to watch it slowly with hubby and we’lm continue tomorrow.

      Eldest one is quite happy I think and now he got another place to study something he likes more so he’ll be okay.



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