This week has been quite a long one. I feel like I’m thrown to the deep end and I’m quite tired.

Firstly thete was the sword attack in the vocational school in Kuopio where a friend of mine lives so it came quite near.

Then youngest one had some trouble at school, it seems one of his teachers complains a lot about him so tpday I wrote an e-mail to the headmistress and that teacher and his own class teacher. I just need to know the teacher’s side of the story too but because we’ve had trouble before caused by a teacher I want yo be in the clear.

And now my cousin’s little boy, not yet three years old, has a very rsre bone condition in which the bones get brittle and break easily. There’s nothing to be done except physiotherapy and making sure he doesn’t suffer. He was born with bad heart, the left side of the heart is not fully developed and needs to be operated (if he lives). He is also waiting for liver transplant so my cousin and her son have already been through so much.

I’m just devastated. We are going there with youngest one in mid-October.


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