Busy weekend

I had busy weekend even thou I did have some nice tv and knitting time too.

On Friday after work I had a massage because my neck has been acting up and my left shoulder is stiff. I found a good massage place near my work couple of years ago and so I went there again and it was very good.

After the massage I went to movies with my friend Heidi, we watched Downton Abbey and enjoyed it. It was quite light but funny and great actors with historically accurate interiors and clothing is always a pleasure to watch. I loved Maggie Smith as Lady Violet and her frenemy Isobel Merton’s  (Penelope Wilton) jabs at each other were so much fun.

On Saturday I didn’t do much, I knitted and watched Sleepy Hollow’s fourth season which I was dreading but it was better than I expected.

Yesterday, Sunday, me and hubby and youngest one went to Helsinki amusement park called Linnanmäki.  They have a new roller coaster called Taiga and it was really fun! It’s the second fastest in Europe as it goes 106km/h. After that we went to the old wooden roller coaster which I absolutely adore and one other roller coaster. I can’t do teacups or anything similar so hubby took youngest one to them but I did three rounds on the wooden roller coaster.

We came home after five and later I watched Manhunt which was pretty good too. I really like Martin Clunes and he was very good again.


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  1. Susanna You had a very busy weekend.
    The desserts look very yummy. The middle one is what?
    My nieces love roller coasters. I rode my first one with my sister when I was 25. Haven’t been on one since!!
    I love Martin Clunes. Doc Martin is one of my all time fav series! I am breathlessly awaiting the final season some time soon.
    Glad your weekend was dynamite and I hope your neck and left shoulder feel better. The roller coasters didn’t jostle the neck and shoulder around?

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    1. The middle cake is lemon-licorice, it’s good but my fave is the lemon-lime on the left.
      Well, the roller coaster did jostle my neck a little but I’m going to the massage again on this week so I think it’ll be allright. Usually they jostle me a little but worst has still been the crash cars I did when I was about 10, I’ve never in those again.

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      1. Susanna the lemon looks yummy they all look pretty delicious. I rode a wooden roller coaster and the upside down one which terrified me. The wooden was uncomfortable I have to say. The nieces love roller coasters but would not get in a Ferris wheel.
        The wonders of a massage as well !! Good for you lovely !!

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