I’ve been quite tired this week and I wonder if I’m getting sick. Hubby and middlest son are having a terrible flu with fever and noses running etc. since last week. I hope I’m not getting it.

Eldest son moved back to his shared flat on Monday and I haven’t heard a peep from him since. Means he’s okay.

On other news I begun to watch my carb intake at the same time as I went back to work and now I’ve lost 5 kilos which I certainly don’t want back. I’m planning to continue low carbs until I’ve lost about 10 kilos more if I can. It’d be good for my joints (arthritis) among other things.

On Friday I’m taking youngest son shopping, he needs a waterproof jacket and new trousers. He grew over 12 cm last winter so the previous jacket doesn’t fit him anymore. I promised to take him for a coffee to the cat cafe beforehand as a bribe.

The weather is turning to fall. We’ve had very nice warm days during the weekend and Monday and Tuesday but today it’s been very windy and rainy. Tomatoes like it.

I was going to take part to the dance gym tomorrow but I’ll need to see if I’m really getting the flu. My pilates lessons for the winter begun again yesterday and I enjoyed the class very much.

I’m in the middle of Mind Hunters second season and my cardi will soon have the second sleeve too so I’ll go continue them. If I pass on the couch it’s better than having keyboard on my forehead.

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  1. hope you’re not getting flu-though i have had a surprising amount of clients in with bad colds in the past 2 weeks. Been dreading catching anything as I’m off to London tomorrow for the weekend!
    cat cafe! awesome-


    1. I have sore throat now and I’ve been having a headache all week so I decided to stay at home today. I hope it passes by.
      The cat cafe is nice but it’s a bit expensive. I have my payday on Friday 🙂

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  2. Susanna I hope you are feeling better! I’ve had horrible sinus congestion no fever but passes off as cold like symptoms. Excellent news on the kilo loss! You inspire me! Pilates too something I have never tried. I started the first season of Mindhunter last year and couldn’t get into it but might give it another go.
    Wish it were cooler here.
    Get some rest sweetness!

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    1. Well, I’m staying at home today at least since I felt quite bad this morning.
      The first season of Mindhunters is a bit slow but it gets better imo.
      Thank you for your comment!


      1. Oh sure and I think I will Mindhunters another shot because I do like these types of series.
        I’m sorry that you are home today not feeling well. My sinus have been bad last few days so try to get some rest ! 😘❤️

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