Fall is coming

Youngest son’s school begun yesterday, he is now on middle grades and at least two of his teachers remembered his big brother. His ’own class’-teacher teaches Finnish and her husband is the Math teacher who was middlest son’s ’own class’-teacher, they were nice and good teachers imo.

We are having an abundance of cucumbers and zucchini. I have tried to eat them but every day we get more so I barely make a dent in the numbers. I must check zucchini baking recipes.

2019-08-08 16.32.19 - Copy

I’ve once again listened to audio books. I finished one (The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston)  I started in May because it was such an annoying novel and I deeply disliked the female protagonist. After that I’ve listened to Kelley Armstrong’s Lost souls (Cainsville 3.5) which was nice and short and the reader had a lovely voice, especially when he narrated Gabriel. Oh my.

After finishing that I’ve once again started ’The Tawny man trilogy’ by Robin Hobb and totally dived into Six duchies again. It may be I’ll stay there for a while, except my work begins next Monday *sigh*.

2019-08-08 15.38.21 - Copy

ETA Once again I don’t know why the Goodreads widget doesn’t show all of my read books, it’s really annoying.

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  1. Susanna they look pretty yummy! Do you have a fav recipe ? Do you plan to reach Richard’s Marcus Aeroooolus whatever audio whenever it comes out? Maybe Sept?
    Are you ready to gear back into work?
    Sorry if too many questions today

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    1. Not yet, I don’t. I have only been frying them in butter in a pan and some I’ve put in the oven. Those in the pic are our cucumbers 🙂
      Yes, I think I’ll try to get the Marcus Aurelius, it was one of my father’s fave books and I’ve never had the chance to read it, just browsed it a bit.
      I don’t think I’m ever ready to return to work even thou I do love my work and my colleague and co-workers are really nice. I work in an adult education centre’s library and the teachers and students are so much fun too but I could easily spend my days at home too.
      It’s nice to answer your questions 🙂


      1. well frying in a ban with butter sounds delicious!!
        Yeah I admit the MA narration caught my eye too. I have Uncle Vanya now which I will be reading soon as prep for Richard’s play. I will be happy to hear what you think then when MA becomes available.
        My sister is a elementary/primary school teacher and starts back on Monday. She has classroom set up this week and meetings. She is like you happy to go back and see colleagues but then also is happy at home binging Netflix shows with 4 cats strewn all over her.

        I appreciate you indulging my inquisitive mind!

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      1. our local supermarket has premade ones, so i thought i’d have a go myself. .i think they were too wet-need pressing to remove the water

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