Going again

Tomorrow I’m going away for two weeks again, this time to our summer cottage in Central Finland. Actually it’s not ’our’ cottage but my late Mom’s and now my brother’s but he is kind and lets me and the boys and the cat stay there couple of weeks every summer.

I’ve almost always during my 48 years been at the cottage some days or weeks except when I was studying and had to be at work but then I spent some weekends there with my parents. These days it’s a kind of net-break too because the Net only works on one place on the grounds if you hold your phone in a Lionking pose and also on the lake side which is about 200 metres from the cottage.

Two summers ago we only stayed for a week with youngest one there since it was the most horrible and rainy summer and it rained all week and you really can’t do much when it rains, just sit in the cottage and hope it goes away. We were also both miserable because it was the first summer without my mom and eldest son was at the army and middlest son was in Lapland hiking.

Last summer was better, me and youngest went to cottage first with the cat and eldest son came later with middlest one and his girlfriend and it was nice until they left to grocery shop some days later and trying to avoid a truck eldest son took the car too far onto the shoulder and the car broke, it went really badly on the other side and the motor broke and so on. They were lucky to walk out of the car but it was a Volvo so they got off just with a scare. Luckily the old Volvo was so old we had already discussed about buying a new car (a Volvo) and so we had to. It was a bit of a puzzle to get us all back to city in time for the school but my hubby and my brother helped and it was all right.

I hope this time everything goes well and we’ll have a nice warm two weeks off line. Here are some pics for you. The buddha was my sister-in-law’s idea and I find it oddly comforting, my mom was first a bit taken aback but later agreed with me. On the second pic you can spot the cottage and then there is the sauna and finally the lake which I really love.  We only have a small pier where you can go swimming and we have a rowing boat but it’s usually upside-down unless my eldest goes fishing with hook and line.  I like to meditate there and watch the clouds and small fish.

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  1. sounds utterly idyllic! i’m a big fan of going camping just to get away from it all, including the internet-sadly the weather wasn’t good enough this weekend.
    I hope you have better luck with weather and cars this time 🙂
    we visited Finland 2 years ago, it’s a beautiful country and i have very fond memories

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      1. yeah, i’m a huge fan of Finnish design and the Moomins, lol
        the funniest thing is I live in a small village and my OH has a Volvo obsession and a few years ago this chap knocks on the door asking if he can have some bits of ones of his Volvos! Turns out we have a Finn in our village with a thing for Volvos too, lol

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      1. Thanks Michelle! I like camping too, when me and hubby were just the two of us we used to go camping to Denmark, Norway and Sweden but then it got too expensive and with babies it was really not so fun but maybe we’ll begin again when kids move out 🙂

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      2. Ohh I can see camping in both Norway and Sweden! We went as children in the 70s and early 80s but my mum did not like it st all even Sammy the family dog hated it so that was the end of that. But I’d go w friends or if a 6’2 Brit wanted a go at it!! 😂😉❤️👏

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      1. She pooped after 10 minutes drive and we had to turn back home so not very well. After we cleaned her and the box and left again she fell asleep.

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      2. Well I had a visual of you walking around the Buddha trying to get a signal or consistent connection
        I was on the train last night and the WiFi was horrendous no service or so spotty so glad you are able to get some reliable internet ! 😘👏👍

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