Back home

We’ve been back home almost a week now. I was quite jet-lagged on the weekend but the days just flow by while I’m doing something close to nothing (Prince said it so well).

On Tuesday we had youngest son’s health check with a nurse as he’s beginning the middle grades on August and the official health check is done now, next one will be with a doctor and a nurse at 8th grade. Since it’s the middle of summer and the closest place was closed we got eldest son to drive us to the nearby suburb Tikkurila where we were supposed to be (the bus ride takes forever).

The nurse was really nice and health check was quick. Youngest one (=Jimi) is having his growth-spurt now and he is about 4 cm’s shorter than I am so I’ll soon be shortest in our family. Feels funny, he is only 13.  All the boys and hubby have the same shoe size now but I wonder if youngest one will become tallest since it looks like his shoes size is still growing.

From Tikkurila we took a train to meet my friend Heidi at her flat in Oulunkylä. Since the train goes over the city border the train fare is a bit bigger and I had thought I had enough money on my public transport card and to my horror when I tried to pay with it at the train it said there’s not enough to cover the fare. I had especially taken care to upload more money to Jimi’s card but forgotten my own and so when the inspector lady came to check our card I was almost crying since the fee is 80€ and I really have better use for them. I told the lady that I was under the impression I had enough for the fare and I guess she saw my stress since as soon as we were over the border she said ”You can now buy the ticket” and when I asked what about the inspection fee she just shook her head. I was so grateful that I almost cried again. There are angels amongst us.

Soon we were at Heidi’s and Jimi played with her two cats while we talked a while. We (me and Jimi) are going to London with Heidi on Sunday, her eldest daughter lives there and we thought to go meet her again 🙂

Later we took a bus from Oulunkylä to Itäkeskus shopping center since Jimi needed something and I wanted to change money for the trip and Heidi was going to her younger daughter so it was easier for all of us to go there. I had installed the traffic card app on my phone while we were at Heidi’s so I got a mobile ticket for the bus. It wasn’t easy but it was better than nothing.

We met Heidi again yesterday as we went to movies with her and my other good friend Kristiina. We are all Marvel fans so we went to see the new Spiderman : Far from home. It was really good, I liked it a lot. I like Tom Holland as Spidey, I never quite liked the earlier Spideys as much. This one reminded me a bit of the animated Spider-Verse which was awesome.

I’m still pretty tired and I’m so glad I still have weeks left of my summer vacay unlike hubby who went to work already on Monday. I was going to the pharmacy today but at 3pm I realized that I’d been just sitting here reading Stucky fics and listening to music all day and didn’t bother. Tomorrow’s another day.

And I’m a bad mother: only after I had bought the plane tickets to London I realized why the date (Sunday) was so familiar..  Middlest son turns 18 on Sunday. YAY. I told him to think about something I’d buy him from London but he hasn’t said anything yet.



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  1. Wow Susanna quite an action packed week since Hawaii almost sounds like you need a vacation from the vacation. What are your plans in London if I may ask?
    It filled me with much joy that the train inspector was so kind and waived the inspection fee. Comforting to know there are good people in this mixed up world. I am planning to see Rocketman on Sunday have you seen this movie? I ve heard all good from it! Are you having the terrible heat wave in Finland as well?
    Today is 4July for America big where I live just too hot to do anything but sleep and binge tv 😘🤗

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  2. Indeed, Michele, the inspector was really nice 🙂
    I have yet to see Rocketman, I really want to though. Maybe I’ll see it after London.
    We are planning to visit some museums and probably go see some theater or musical too. Just enjoying the city.
    This week has been a bit colder than it was in June. I hope it’ll get warmer after we come home from London, July is usually the nicest month here.
    Have a nice inpendence Day 🙂

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  3. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I listen to the Love poems he reads in Audible. His voice is so soothing ❤
    O8 is so great, I love Cate Blanchett's clothes 🙂

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    1. Yes I like the whole vibe of the movie the more times I view it! I love Cate Blanchett as an actress and person!! She is soo cool!
      Me too on his voice and poetry seems to calm me when I need to decompress

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