Washing day

We are having a day off of beach life. We’ve been to beach every day now, on Makaha and yesterday on Waikiki and while it’s really my fave kind of time wasted we all need a bit of recovery too.

For some reason here in Makaha it’s been the custom in our family that hubby does the washing and I get a free pass of reading and such while he suffers in the hot shed next to the washing machine and dryer.

I’m currently trying to read ”Sugar money” by Jane Harris and I must say I find it a bit boring so I keep jumping over paragraphs. I usually am pretty devoted reader and tend to read every word but for some reason I find this novel hard to do.

Well, luckily I bought five new novels from B&N at Ala Moana on Sunday. I had four recycled books with me from home and I’m leaving them here. This is my good and well tried method for buying new books approved by hubs 😉

I’m also thinking about beginning to write again. I have a story which I’m writing in Finnish and it’s been going a bit slow. Since my mom’s passing I’ve only managed to write one and and a half chapters in three years but I think I’m getting back on track finally. Only I’m wondering about rewriting it all but we’ll see what I do.

Back to yesterday; we spent the day at Waikiki beach and then watched the traditional hula show there. Youngest one was bored since it was probably the fourth time he saw it but since middlest son’s girlfriend hadn’t seen it we thought it’d be nice. The pics are in my instagram again.. Last night as I updated them I almost chucked the phone to bin as it was third time which went through. If there’s something that annoys the heck out of me it’s digital but unworking things.

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  1. Susanna I hope you write. I’m writing fan fic now dipping my toes in as practice and I find it quite helpful! I’ll have to google the book you mentioned ! 😃👏👍Happy you all are enjoying yourself and mixing things up! We miss you though but so happy you are sharing here!!

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    1. I’ve written couple of fan fics but they are nowhere to be read atm I think. I’ve also written couple of multi-chapter stories in Finnish but only let my friends to read them. I like writing but it’s different writing in English as it’s not my native tongue.

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      1. Your blog posts are engaging and visual and descriptive! What I like about the fan fiction is creating a story line and seeing how the characters interact thru dialogue and descriptions. It’s hard! Especially Richards characters b/c they are so beloved. But I enjoy the challenge

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      2. Yes, fan fiction has it’s sides. My fics were about Eomer and other one was a Kirk/Bones songfic. The long story I’m writing has male protagonist based on John Porter-kind of guy.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. There definitely is an advantage to going to a familiar place – you know where the highlights are. Your husband taking over the chore is definitely also a great idea. Keep enjoying it!



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