Hello! Last Saturday was the kids last schoolday and later in the evening I went with a friend to see Lenny Kravitz sing and play for us in Helsinki. The show was very good and Lenny and his mates played over two hours. My legs were jelly.

On Sunday afternoon eldest son dropped us (me, hubs and two younger sons) to the airport, where middlest son’s girlfriend was already waiting for us. Hubby had insisted to take ourbags to the airport on the previous day which was good bc one of the luggage tracks had broken down and there was huge queues so we passed them all.

The first leg of our flights was from Helsinki to Tokyo, a 9-hour-flight and it was quite allright. I even managed to sleep about five hours. In Tokyo we had a 10-hour overlay so we took a train and traveled to Harajuku Park. I had looked for tips from TripAdvisors pages and found that. I thought some walking would do us good and it did. It was quite a warm day but we walked in the park, there was a nice shinto temple, and did a turn on the Takeshita Street which is popular among teens and cosplayers. We were quite tired and so were back to Narita airport on good time and walked a bit there too. We found a very nice paper shop among other things there, I need to do some serious shopping on our way back home there.

We left Tokyo on Monday evening and arrived to Honolulu on Monday morning, a bit funny. Got our car and drove to Makaha. We are staying third time at the same house complex there but in a different flat. It’s a nice place with peacocks everywhere and a short drive to Makaha beach.

Yesterday we hiked to Ka’ena Point and I managed to burn my shoulders even thou I had put sunscreen already on at home and again before beginning the hike and again at the point. Today as we went to the Waimea beach I put so much sunscreen on I had white shoulders and they are not as bad as they were ealier.

Yesterday we had dinner at the Kahumana organic farm with our last time neighbour who is a very nice lady. She’s leaving to Italy next week but we wanted to meet her and it was nice.

You can see my travel pics from my instagram feed which should be visible on the right sidebar. I only have my phone and tablet here so I can’t fix any pics.

Anyways I love Oahu, I could easily move here if I had the chance.

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  1. Susanna wonderful descriptions and the pics look fabulous. I am sorry to reply a few days late. I didn’t get notice still so I was thinking how your trip was going and here was your fantastic post!! Do you all plan to go to a Luau (sp?) when my best friend her daughter and I went in 2017 we went to one and it was marvelous!! They called our birthdays up and my best friend went on stage . I was too shy.
    Love these travel stories. I hope to get to Tokyo down the road. Stay safe and happy!! More travel stories from Oahu please!!!!

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      1. Yeah she has a bigger personality then I do. I’m more of one on one and lost in the crowd type. We had a blast though, there were rumors galore that Keanu Reeves was in town then staying at Jackie Chan s house but don’t know for sure

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      2. Susanna we did!! The guide after the Luau pointed where Jackie Chan’s House was and before we headed to the airport the day we left we did a drive by for me!! 😘🤣🤗👏


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