Uncontrollable joy

As I promised on Zee’s comments I finally found the Mug of Uncontrollable Joy.

I had hid it to a safe place which only I know of because if I keep it on my desk I can’t get anything done and besides hubby makes funny faces upon seeing it. So it resides in a certain place in my bookshelf.

2019-05-19 12.21.57 - Copy

Yeah.. That smoulder made my phone wriggle when I tried to take a decent pic and the rest are just as bad. The pic is printed three times on the mug so you’ll face it from all sides.

You’re welcome.

I’m going back to sew and listen to RA read a Joy Ellis book in my ears 🙂


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  1. Oh, I love this. This is giggleworthy smut big time. Or smutty giggles? Whatever, it makes me laugh and puts me in a silly mood. Definitely a mug to keep and covet. Thank you for taking a picture and showing us!

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    1. I’ve now listened to four Joy Ellis novels and this one was the best imo. Richard reads so well it’s really a joy to listen to him.



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