Happy Mother’s Day

We’ve got eldest son back home today as their flat’s pipe renovations are nearing. It feels weird to have him back and I think he feels the same. It’s just about three months so it’s quite all right. And even if it was permanent it’d be okay, don’t get me wrong. I just think that a young man wants to live with his friends more than with his parents and little brothers 🙂

Just to celebrate this day I’m giving you and old pic of my mom in her twenties at the French Riviera and another one of my boys at the grand Canyon some seven years ago.

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    1. Thank you! That was a trip my mom made with her best friend aka my godmother after they had finished their college. My godmother’s parents paid for the whole journey as a treat for the girls after finishing their studies. Later my mom went to work to London for two years and planted her anglophile-love into me later 🙂

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      1. Wonderful! My mom is German and she lived in Rome for 2 years before she met my dad in Stuttgart. He is American Army man. I def got my love of travelling from my mom. She would go all over Europe with her best friend and their family when my mom was single. Travelling is a privilege/luxury and I feel extremely lucky that I can do that.

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      2. Me and hubby used to travel together before kids and then when we got kids we traveled even more since we think that it’s better than buying things that get broken. About all of our spare money goes to traveling. Now they’ll have memories and they’ve learned that basically people everywhere are quite same.
        This time eldest son stays at home with the cat but we’re taking middlest son’s girlfriend with us so it’ll be a new experience for all of us. She is a nice girl though, fits our family like she was our own.


      3. That is wonderful! My sister, brother and I were very lucky growing up travelling and I have travelled with my sister and alone as we do not have children. My brother and family have moved around some as he is Army like my dad was. My twin nieces are a handful and I hope to travel with them as they get older. It definitely opens up new experiences and people who are kind and compassionate are worldwide.

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