Life after Easter

Today I went back to work after the Easter weekend which I started already on Thursday since I had the possiblity to take a day off. As my colleague was away on a Spring holiday and the house was very quiet we kept the library closed (there is only two and a half staff in our library).

On Thursday youngest son came home early and so went to the city centre to buy him new sneakers. The kid grows so fast, even faster than his big brothers at the same age. He has grown about 14 cm from the last Spring and will soon leave me behind and then I’ll be the smallest one.

We had very good weather during Easter, it only warmed more from Thursday to this day and I spent most of the weekend outdoors. On Friday I sat on our lawn chair and read, on Saturday I raked most of the yard while listening to an audiobook and a podcast, on Sunday I weeded half of the flowerbed and afterwards my hand hurt so effing much I couldn’t even knit (I couldn’t even write or use the mouse very good) and yesterday I read a book and sat in the sun.

All in all I read two novels and finished an audiobook (the not-so-good Jeff Archer) and listened two episodes of a podcast by a Finnish actor living in NYC with his husband. The only good thing in the Archer-novel was that it was read by Richard and after Easter meal I was so stuffed I think I napped a while with his voice in my ears. Lovely.

My Pilates class friend asked if I had new make up because I was so tanned already but I said I had been outdoors all weekend and we laughed.

Sirius the Cat had raw meat; she hunted a big rat and a mouse. I’ve never seen a rat here during these 23 years we’ve lived here and she had so much fun with it. We gave her first dose of anthelmintic yesterday and now I have four holes in my bicep. She didn’t like it.

Eldest son came for Easter dinner on Sunday. He is moving back here on late May/early June because their flat has pipe renovations coming up. If he gets the summer job near here it’s easier to go to work from our place than the flat because it’s on the other side of Metropolitan area. He’ll also be looking after the cat when we go to our holiday in June.

Due to hubby’s work he had to take June for his vacay and since my workplace (the actual house) is closed on July I’ll have a very long summer holiday. I think last time I had as long vacay was when kid’s were pretty small. I had a little scare since my boss had read the end date wrong from my holiday application and said we need to have a talk and then she asked why was I planning to be whole August on leave too and I was like what. Glad it was solved this easily as we already have plane tickets purchased.

Now I’m going to watch Umbrella Academy and knit. I’m about halfway through the cardi torso which is nice but it’s really hot to have the woollen cardi on my lap all evening. Soon I’ll get to the colourwork-part, yay!

Tomorrow I’ll be in the movies with youngest one and my two friends to see Avengers : Endgame! I can’t wait!




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  1. Sounds as if you are having lovely spring weather in Finland. I’m surprised because a Finnish friend of mine posted pictures from a jog in the woods, and she was basically jogging on iced-over mud tracks 😱.

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    1. This is a long country and here in the south everything is already quite snow-free but you don’t have to go far to find it still. Of course the mornings can be cold but it looks like spring is about one month early this year. It still doesn’t mean we don’t get snow on midsummer as we did some years ago 🙂


  2. Do you like Pilates? I have not tried that yet. I also have not tried yoga although I am curious about it. I actually love colder weather so I would probably love Finnish Springtime!!


    1. Yes, I do. I’ve done Pilates about ten years now and now I’ve got a great teacher, that does a lot. I’m thinking about beginning Astanga yoga some day but we’ll see.

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      1. is that hot yoga? I would have to start out bread and butter yoga. I do cross training now and I use to run marathons but quite b/c of lower back issues. Pilates works all muscles though no?

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  3. Yes, Pilates is very good is you have back problems as it helps to get the deep core muscles in shape and they support the whole middle body.
    Astanga yoga is the one where you can (at some point) stand on your hands. I’m having a daydream of someday being able to do that but it’ll probs take years.. 😀
    I’ve never really liked running, first I had too big breasts and it hurt and nowadays my joints are achy. And I’m overweight.


    1. Ok great that you say this about Pilates is good for back problems. I have a pinched nerve between my L4 and L5 so I will definitely look into that. Yeah my running has slowed down the last few years. I did it to keep my weight low but I fell about 3 years ago and hurt my knee and now even treadmill running is arduous.
      I don’t think Astanga yoga would work for me although that seems to be what Francis was doing in Hannibal! Now if The Armitage were spotting me I would volunteer in a heart beat!!

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      1. I had terrible sciatus pains when I started doing Pilates and it’s helped a lot. First I went to Rosen therapy and acupuncture and also deep-relaxation in hypnosis which really helped but then I fell and hurt my sciatus again, even worse than what it was before and I got it pretty good with Pilates and zumba but now in January I also went to a chiropractor (my dentist suggested it due to my teeth-gnawing) and now my sciatus is no longer hurting me. I feel like I was reborn.

        I think RA said somewhere that he does hot yoga.. I think it’d be too hot to be on a class with him.

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    1. Oh I would do more than that/. reach out touch the sweat, here Richard let me wipe off your back and much lower!! That gaze and those hands moving around would send me into a tizzy…
      There are multiple places I would like to lick starting with his beard!

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