Past times

These times I usually scroll through my memories in FB at some point of the day. Mostly I find some funny things and some sad things but today I found a true gem or gems should I say.

I doubt there’re many people who have accidentally had their eye cut with a newspaper edge but I’m one of them and the day was today six years ago. I can tell you it hurt like **** and I had to go to doctor to get a salve for it. The cut was in the eyeball’s surface so it was pretty uncomfortable.

As doctor’s orders I got the day off and was told to rest my eyes and how come that day was also the day The Hobbit AUJ EE came out on dvd and so I had the perfect sick day watching Fíli’s braidstaches and Majestic Thorin annoy the heck out of Bilbo.

On a side note I had written another entry there where I said that after the three-hour-movie youngest one got a yelling fit because there was not second part available yet 😛

On some days I’m this close to ending my relationship with FB but then again there’s good parts in it too not to mention how easy it is to contact friend living further away.


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  1. I have turned off that feature completely — it kept recycling posts from the years of my mother’s illness and death. I don’t think I miss it. But what a great coincidence — a DVD delivered on the day you had to stay home anyway!

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  2. Hello and hooray – the blog is up. And on WordPress no less. Glad to have you on board here.
    And *uah*, that sounds like a horrific injury. Anything to do with eye injuries makes me nearly gag with fear. Did it all heal and is your eye fine?


    1. Yes, I did it 😀

      Yes, it healed well. It was just a minor cut on the cornea which is the most outer part of the eyeball. it sounds horrible but I’ve had other injuries happen to it earlier too. Mostly it feels like you’ve just got something in your eye and then I got the salve for it so it was okay.


  3. I am cringing as well with your eye tale. My eyes are itchy and puffy at the moment from allergies so anything within the interior you are much braver than I would be!
    I had to chuckle although not funny at the time I am sure at your youngest one upset that Pt 2 wasn’t immediately available on DVD. Sounds like my nieces. I can remember the days before streaming when a cinema movie took a year to be released or shown on HBO or cable tv.

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