Another weekend passed again. I feel like I didn’t do much but is it necessary always do so much? I’m trying to learn enjoy the moment as I’ve been trying all winter. Last spring I had a sort-of depression and burn-out and after self-diagnosing took contact to the work-health care and was sent to talk to a psychiatrist which was good. We talked about enjoying the moment and trying not to worry about stuff so much but I’ve noticed I’m trying to do that again.

I’ve been enjoying laying on the balcony couch and listening to Richard read audio books for me and it’s been nice. The weather has been very warm but it’s going to get colder again, we may even get some snow.

Yesterday me and hubby did the grocery store run. We also visited the candy factory in the neighbourhood to buy Easter eggs and it all just took all my juices and so I went to read on the balcony.

2019-04-06 14.55.47
Easter bunny made of egg shells. The most popular Easter Egg here is a real egg shell filled with almond-hazelnut nougat chocolate.

In the  evening when the balcony became a bit too cold to continue laying in I came indoors and finished Luther season 5 from Netflix. I quite liked it, season 4 was not very good and only had two episodes so. I also finished watching Hinterlands on Friday and yesterday I begun to watch The OA season 2. I find it very good, season 1 was great and I think this one will be about as good. And of course there’s Jason. I used to be a Lost girl but the fandom kind of moved over, a bit like Armitage Army is doing nowadays imo (?). On the other hand Jason is doing smaller roles than Richard I think and that’s part of the fandom slowing down.

Today I’ve washed clothes (things that never end..) and I washed kitchen windows which I really like doing. I was listening to Richard read Heads you win by Jeffrey Archer while cleaning the windows and doing my bujo. I also baked some pomegranate scones which youngest son loves.

I’m going to sauna now and then I think I’ll watch a bit of OA and unravel an old UFO knit which doesn’t seem to knit itself in the closet. I’ve found a better pattern for the yarn and I only need to buy a bit of white yarn to go with it.




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  1. the real egg description sounds delicious!! I grew up on German chocolate which to me is the best in the world! But that sounds extremely yummy.
    I’m watching Line of Duty now S2. Very intricate and subtle. Do you have a fav Richard series? I came in through Berlin Station last year so very green and newbie still although I have seen everything at least once except Urban which is in the hinterlands somewhere somewhere… I would really love to see that movie!!

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    1. My fave Richard-serie is Strike Back, John Porter is such a sweet man. Second favorite is Spooks but Berlin Station is close one too. The absolutely worst Richard serie is the Ultimate force, good grief.
      I hope Urban would come out in any form. I loved the book and Richard looks so awesome in the pics.

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      1. Yes Strike Back is a fav among many. I am still trying to warm up to Porter. A little too Gi Joe for me but I am getting there. I started with Daniel but now Proctor is my main squeeze and Raymond is very misunderstood and Harry is my cuddle bunny as is Standring,. UF was ok.. I think he was an afterthought in it so he did the best he could. I was not particularly admiring of Mulligan either. Urban I just am dying to see.

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