Today we said goodbye to my father’s brother. We were not close but of course it makes me melancholy since now both my parents and all of their siblings have passed away as have my grand parents too.

2019-03-30 11.55.16-2

Four years ago around this time of spring we had my Father-In-Law’s funeral and the next year it was my Mom’s turn. Then it was our very old and dear kitty’s time. Last spring we didn’t have anyone to mourn.

One part of ageing is probably the point where you meet most of your relatives in funerals and yet I don’t feel middle-aged yet. I’m turning 50 next year so I’m still young imo, at least I’m young at heart.

My eldest brother lives in the Central Finland 500 km’s from the rest of us who stayed in the capital city or metropolitan area so it was nice to see him too. My sister couldn’t come as she had just traveled to Lapland for her spring leave with her friends.

This kind of became a bit more sad post for a first blog here but sometimes life is.


Here are my paternal grand mother Augusta with my auntie Liisa, little Sakari baby and my dad Olavi with his teddy and a gleam in his eyes, I think his character is very visible in this pic 🙂


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  1. I saw on Guylty’s websites that you’d decided to start blogging. I’m sorry for your loss(es). We’re the same age and you’re reporting on something I’ve experienced, too. I hope that your memories keep you upright.


    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      I had a blog in LiveJournal earlier but I’ve only blogged in Finnish these last years and I missed writing in English. I really liked LJ but WP seems like a good choice too.

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  2. I am a tad older than you by 2-3 years but 50 is to me the new 40 pardon the cliché. I embraced it when it happened in June 2017 and it happened last year for my sister. There are subtle differences mainly not losing weight so easily but I liked my 40s for the most part except a few things happened. These blogs have been wonderful outlets for me and starting my own last October was a godsend. So I am very happy you are here and other blogs where you comment.. you are a breath of fresh air and very down to earth and honest…

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    1. I’m not worried of turning 50. My mom and dad were 40 when they got me so I always knew what I was approaching if you know what I mean. I think I’m born old as people say.
      I like blogging. I’ve never been able to keep a dairy in paper format but I’ve had a blog about as long as it’s been possible. I used to say that I’m always on the PC so it’s easier for me to write in a blog.
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

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      1. yes my mom had me in her late thirties and my sis at 40 and my brother at 43. I can commiserate about being born old although you are more mature than me in many ways. (big hug to you)
        Yeah PC: well that’s another discussion. I had a diary growing up and would never have thought about blogging a year ago but actively commenting on the various blogs and being for the most part so welcomed in this corner of Richard’s fandom I feel very blessed and happy that I started my own blogging. I like your outlook too.

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